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Hi! I'm Ayamekochan!

I love to write fanfiction! I've been writing for about 3 years. I have got

4 books that i've written but there not all finished. Even though they suck.T_T

Hobbies:Writing,listening to music,read manga, and write more

Fave animes:GAKUEN ALICE, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Shugo chara, Spiral, Case Closed/Detective Conan, Mermaid Melody, Kamichama Karin, Full moon O Sagashite, Prince of Tennis

Fave manga:Gakuen Alice, Kitchen Princess, Shugo Chara, zodiac P.I., Case closed/Detective Conan, Mermaid Melody, Mamotte Lollipop, Kamichama Karin, The Gentlemen's Alliance, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Pixie Pop, (Mostly anything written by Arina Tanemura)

Fave music: So strange I like korean music alot and that will be my obsession for now! For example i may get ideas for stories from listening to the korean music like Taeyang's I Need a Girl and if you've noticed of course the song is based off of that song! You guys should check out some korean music!

I've actually written alot of stories on paper. Mostly on Gakuen Alice because I Love that anime and manga!! I have made up to characters for Gakuen Alice. One is the made up little sister for Natsume Hyuuga is Marina Hyuuga and her beat friend Takeshi Seiyoshi. I know that Natsume has a sister Aoi Hyuuga but in my fanfictions Marina and Takeshi will pop out somewhere, I just don't know where... I'm not sure if i should update the stories so yeah...

Finally erased those sayings! My goodness when i came back on to this site i should've erased it earlier but i didn'! So because i have free time i finally redoing it!

I hope you you all read my stories! It makes me soooo happy to get reviews, fave story, fave author, story and author alerts! I think everyone is fueled by all of it! Hahaha! Well thank you everyone for all of your support!

My Life as a Model in Training: I like the plot for this story and it's easier to write then I Need a Girl! But i still like this one, i do alot of background information by watching America's Next Top Model! But i actually thought of the plot before i watched the show, so i just watch it to get to learn more about modeling! I want to be a model but I'm wayyy too short! Hahaha! And i wouldnt be able to handle it anyway!

I Need a Girl: I actually just wrote this on an impluse without knowning people would read it! So when i write this one, i sit at my computer for hours thinking of what to write! Sad, but I like how io made Natsume a player! There is OOCness so just saying, but you guys probably already notice that...

Anyway, hope you guys continue to read and enjoy! :)

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