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Hello, I'm Sandy, or Llewellyn. Neither of these is my actual name, but they're the ones I use on the internet. I've read fanfics on this website almost since I first got a computer in 2017, and I've written fanfics without putting them anywhere since, at the very latest, I was six.

The fanfic that I know I wrote when I was six (which may or may not have been my first, I just don't have any with a year attached to them from earlier) was the very first version of The Diaries of Tom, a later version of which is the first fanfic on this profile. Part of why I'm saying that is as a fun bit of trivia for anyone who likes the fic, and another is as a clarification that I definitely don't intend to leave The Diaries of Tom in its current state forever.

For anyone reading this at some time in the future when there's a fanfic titled The Diaries of Tom marked complete and absolutely not the first one uploaded here, let me tell you a story. Back in January 2021 I finished the first chapter of The Diaries of Tom and was so excited about it that I put it up on my then-empty account as soon as I figured out how. I gave myself a commitment of a chapter a week having no buffer whatsoever, never having had to update anything weekly, and having spent considerably more than a week on that first chapter. I was also a high school student who already had problems with procrastination, and who had had this story in her mind for about a decade. As can be imagined (or remembered, for anyone who was there for the hiatuses, altered update schedule, late updates, bad or no editing and apologetic author's notes), I was setting myself up for failure.

By Chapter Thirteen, I was rushing to try to get something out every two weeks so much that I wrote myself into a corner, working more off of a panicked "what do I do now?" than the long-term plot plans I was contradicting. I knew where A was, and I knew where B was, but I was working more on getting away from A than towards B and I wound up at purple.

Realising that the way I was writing it was taking up all my time, damaging my mental health, and not even turning out good, I changed the title to "Diaries of Tom (First Attempt)", replaced the plot description with an explanation that I was going to rewrite it at some later point and the original form stopped in the middle of a plotline which I was never going to resolve because it doesn't actually fit with my overall plans for the story, and marked it complete.

Almost every character in The Diaries of Tom was never shown in that version. Even the ones who were showed up as the youngest versions of themselves, with barely any character development whatsoever. I have not permanently abandoned it, and am working on said rewrite now, but I do not anticipate ever returning to the weekly schedule of the first few chapters, and don't intend to publish any of it until I have a significant buffer.

Below this paragraph is the profile text as I had it up until now ("now" being the 18th of August, 2023). I'm not massively fond of it, but it goes against some part of how I'm wired to actually delete something I've put up, and I want people to be able to read it if they want to. By the way, the "specifics" of how I'm queer is that I'm a lesbian. There are ways for me to get more complicated about it than that, and I was using some different terminology for myself back in '21, but that's the way I'd describe myself now.

2021 version

I'm relatively new to actually putting my fanfics where anyone can see them (read: as of writing this, I have exactly one story actually published anywhere, and it has two chapters so far. I have no idea why you'd be reading this if you hadn't read and enjoyed it, but if you somehow are, please read it. I'm quite proud of the thing and it won't be hard to find [I'll edit this once I have more stuff to my username]) so please give me any constructive criticism you can think of. I'm on here to share my ideas and get better at writing, so anything that'll help me do that is much appreciated.

I'm Autistic and LGBTQ (not going to go into the specifics, since that's not what you're looking for on my profile and also slightly complicated) (I just realised that, since I'm going to send my aunt a link to the Diaries of Tom, and I haven't specifically mentioned the LGBTQ thing to her, this might technically count as the way I come out to my aunt. Huh.) so expect a lot of my characters (read: basically all of my characters. I think I have maybe one cis het nt character (like, a character who's all of these thongs, not every character's gay, trans and Autistic, just most of them are one or more things similar to that) in the Diaries of Tom, she hasn't been introduced yet, and she's literally my interpretation of Umbridge, so...

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