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I'm a twenty-something year old. According to others, I'm kind of funny. Laid back. And cheerful. Who would have thought?

Current obsession is Once Upon A Time! I got around to watching it in December 2013 and caught up to the current season by the time it started. I love Regina. Such a beautiful character with great development over the course of seasons. I'm a total Swan Queen shipper and I probably always will be. I also mildly ship Swan Fire. But I absolutely need good family feels between Regina, Emma, and the Charmings. That family unit must be endgame. I'm also really enjoying Zelena's character and I hope that she will reconcile with Regina.

I have other fandom loves, but my tumblr is better place to find out about those.

If you're wondering where my fics have gone, I've deleted them. I wrote them when I was like 15 or something. Not exactly what I want to be in my face all the time.

At any rate, most of my fandom contributions are drawings.

If you want to see my newer drawings, my LJ account is your best bet. Under the "fanart" tag. There's a lot of RL stuff there, too, though, so make sure to use the tag. I put a lot of RL stuff everywhere, now that I think about it.

I have some art stuff here: daramh @dA (old account) and

I have some nc-17 slashy art stuff here: http:///user/destroyingtokyo/

Tumblr: http:///

LJ: http://

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