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I'm pretty normal, have a keen interest in drawing, guy-slash (ehehe) and being weird with friends.

I'm fifteen, and asian.

I haven't updated this place in a year. I'M SO SORRY.

Stuff I love: BBC Sherlock, Marvel: The Avengers (movie), Loki, Tom Hiddleston, 2 Days 1 Night 1박2일 (KBS), Uhm Taewoong, Joowon, Skyrim, Green Day, How I Met Your Mother, Whose Line, CSI, Gaga, Lara Croft, GTA, Castle, Teen Titans, Harry Potter, Tumblr.

Current Status (13-7-12): Super inactive.

I happened to look back at fanfics I wrote like four years ago. I've realised I've changed a lot, in terms of maturity (duh) and writing style. I'm planning to rewrite Explanations (CSI) and hopefully start a BBC Sherlock fic soon.

School is way hectic here in Singapore, just so you know. So there. I'm struggling with my math currently, and the amount of work to do for art class is TOO DAMN HIGH. I barely have time to turn my laptop on.

Toodles. For now.

My all-time favourite pairings are:

CSI - Greg/Sara, Nick/Sara, Hodges/Wendy

HIMYM - Barney/Robin (I'M SO GLAD THEY'RE TOGETHER AGAIN), Lily/Marshall (of course), Ted/Victoria

Castle: Beckett/Castle

CSI: NY - Stella/Mac, Stella/Adam, Flack/Lindsey, Flack/Stella

TR - Lara/Larson, Lara/Kurtis, Lara/Alister

TT - Robin/Raven, Raven/KidFlash, BB/Raven, Cyborg/Bumblebee, Aqualad/Raven

HP - Harry/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Luna/Harry, Lily/Snape

Tentative story ideas:

#1: Explanations (CSI) - POSTED - "What? You're pregnant?!" he exclaimed. "It was a one-night stand," she said, swapping glances with Nick, as he shot a smirk back at her. Snickers.

#2: Consolations and Hangovers (CSI) - POSTED ON CO-ACCOUNT - Grissom wanted an annulment? Did he hear her right? He was almost expecting to hear her talk about Ecklie giving out sweets to the kids around the neighbourhood already... Sandles. Rated for safety. Hinted Yo!Bling, Nick/Wendy. WARNING: GSR-unfriendly!

#3: Untitled - Sara always hated the rain. Can a certain someone make her see the brighter side of it? Sandles.

Co-account with CherryTree90.



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