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Welcome to my profile! If you are here because of a review and have any comments, questions or complaints, just PM me.

About My Writing

When I write, I do it for my own enjoyment, about what I like and when I feel like it. I only to put up stories that I feel are the best I can do with the idea. Although once they are up, they're up. I'll go back for edits, but after a while, I don't really feel like I'm still in the process of working on a given story, so I don't do major rewrites.

Of course, I enjoy getting reviews and am open to critical feedback.

I tend to only use content notes if I feel that my story goes beyond the source material regarding the subjects handled and I usually stick with the fairly obvious ones. In the unlikely event that you want to read any of my stories but are unsure if there are elements you find unpleasant in them, feel free to ask via PM.

Out of all my stories, “Pitfalls and Promises of Retroviral Engineering” is my favourite.

I came back from a quite long writing hiatus with my Alpha Centauri story, “The Conqueror”. Anything written earlier is pretty old. I considered taking most of them down, but they are part of my history. Besides, if the occasional person enjoys them, that's good enough for me. I have a soft spot for “Cornelian Marketing Strategy” and “Kidnapping by Prior Arrangement” though, despite their flaws.

About Me

I'm 30 and currently studying maths at university. Mathematics is often viewed as an extremely difficult subject, but I think that is rather exaggerated. One fun and easy to comprehend book on popular mathematics that I recommend is “Alex's Adventures in Numberland”.

When it comes to media consumption, I mostly play computer games nowadays, although my laptop can't handle high end ones. I used to play a lot of video games too, particularly Nintendo series and Final Fantasy. However, I mostly stopped playing console games for various reasons. I also like tabletop role-playing games, but rarely play. I read a fair amount.

My favourite game (and obsession) is Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It is a great turn-based strategy game and the setting is brilliant. My favourite faction is the University, as you can see from my avatar. Sadly, the Alpha Centauri fandom seems pretty tiny.

Pokémon Yellow was the first video game that I really loved. I greatly enjoy Pokémon fanfics that focus on the world and the monsters rather than the humans. This is particularly true if the Pokémon are from the first three generations, as I've lost track since.

I'm a progressive democratic socialist, a humanist in general, a feminist in particular and an environmentalist. I also firmly believe that the right to have an abortion is a human right, as it is the right to control one's own body.

The issue that really gets me nowadays is the European Union's inhumane handling of the refugee crisis. After handling it quite well for a while, my country is now particularly bad. We have built fences where there were none during the Cold War and there another one is being built on our border to Italy, in a region that also has a sensitive history. But walling ourselves off won't work. The refugees are desperate. They will not just shrug and decided to stay in their (often destroyed) homes. If routes are blocked, they'll take more dangerous ones. If the European nations worked together, this influx would be challenging, but nowhere near impossible to handle and the newcomers would, in the long term, be a boon to our society. But we seem to prefer to hide behind walls and watch these people die.

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