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So there, everyone. It's been a while.

We know, we know. We have the frankly terrible habit of jumping off, deleting everything on the site (the last move was a bad one). So yeah, we'll claim personal reasons and we would like to apologise to each and everyone of you who had read, favourited or followed our stories. You guys rock and we thank you so much for the support you gave us.

On a happier note, we'll be writing again. Not like before, when we wrote crap every once in a while and then went off to die in the desert, but actual, literal writing. Most of them will be Harry Potter (we cannot keep our hands off that fandom) but some will be Percy Jackson and of course, Cassandra Clare.

A few of our old stories (not all, just some we loved too much to part with) are with us, we think two of them. They'll be there in our name again, and you're all welcome to read it.

Updates won't be perfect, but we vow to try our level best, and keep you entertained!

Per hoc autem vicero. Victoria in deos

Our Muse, the Harley to our Joker, the jam to ourbread, our darling, our living goddess, R: everything, everything is for you.

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