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(much to random to be a blog)

(Do you like the new avatar? I made it myself)

Xela: Hey its me!
Tsuki: Don't forget about me Xel...
Xela: Tsuki's here too! Well anyway... (Xela sniffs) Its time to mourn my childhood... (She starts to sob) I have to depend on myself now...
Tsuki: (sighs) Xela...

(Xela runs away crying)

Tsuki: ... (Groans) Sorry 'bout that...


NAME: Xela (not saying more)

(if you abuse my trust of putting this here I'll block and report you for abuse)

AGE: Legal Adult (But not old enough to drink)


MY HOBBIES: Drawing (deviant is also XelaKitsune but I forgot my own password O.o), Kayaking (both whitewater and sea), Horseback riding (my local stable moved -_-), Reading (YES that's a hobby!), Graphic design, obviously writing, And whatever else I feel like

I'm also an aspiring poet :)


FOOD: Tofu (seriously I love the stuff), Grilled cheese, any type of rice, and Ramen (I live off the stuff in the summer)

ANIMAL: Obviously I like foxes
(my backyard backs up to a wetland we have at least one fox anda large group of coyotes. They have orgies in the spring, I'm serious!!)

PET: Banana "Banan" a ten-year-old male Vietnamese Golden Gecko I recieved from a family friend in August of 09

ANIME: Varies, I used to watch Naruto but the series started to piss me off. I still watch Inuyasha reruns, Bleach, and Death Note though :)

MANGA: Anything I read. Naruto (I own copies of Vol.1-34), Wolf's Rain (Have both Vol.1 and 2), Bleach (own copies of Vol.1-31), InuYasha (loved the ending!), YuYu Hakusho, DeathNote (Have up to Vol.5 so far), Ceres: Celestial Legend (Vol.1-5 plus 13 and 14), Rosario + Vampire I (Vol.1-9), Rosario + Vampire II (Vol. 1), Nora: Last Cronicles of Devildom (Vol.1-6)

BOOK: Depends I read alot

MANGA CHARACTERS (other than my own): Yondaime Hokage (Naruto), Yoko Kurama (YuYu Hakusho), Ulquiorra (Bleach), and Others (AKA can't think of 'em right now)

AUTHORS: Christeen Feehan (I gotta thing for Carpathians), Gregory McGuire, Christopher Poalini

MANGA-KA: I find Kubo-sensei's work pleasant and Kishimoto-sensei has quite an interesting past (read his personal history spots in Naruto you'll see what I mean). I respect Takahashi-sensei.

WRITING STYLE: Romance, Action, Adventure, Poetry, &ct.

SONG: Varies, but I like Bon Jovi's "Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars" its my all time favourite! I also like Panic! at the Disco's music.
My current favourite song is Owl City's "Vanilla Twilight" from the album Ocean Eyes. (Listen to it while reading any chapter of BLEACH during the rescue Rukia arc. Trust me on this!)
Another creepy one is Green Day's "Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)". Listen while reading BLEACH; Chapter 136. memories in the rain 2,

op.4: Night of Wijnruit... Creeps me out... (But I love the song) I've got a songfic almost ready to be published for that one :)

Things That Tick Me Off
This is a new section I started on 2/18/10 just because...

-Text Messages (Its called a cell phone! Not an instant texter!)
- Pop Ups
- Horny Crickets (Non-stop chirping... At 3 a.m.!)
- Illegally Downloaded Music (Its still STEALING and the quality always sucks)
- Public Restrooms (EWWW...)
- A Borrowed Book Returned in Bad Condition (You will be eaten by my Fox Minions)
Raccoons (...What? Have a problem with that?!)
Shoes on in the house (Its not polite!!!)
The lack of a public bus stop near my house (I am a POOR art student struggling to afford private schooling, and its too dangerous to bike)
When This Profile Doesn't Update Right (C'mon Really...)


Xela: Hey! I have news!
Tsuki: Finally! We're back!
Xela: Shut it Tsuki-maru! (tugs on Tsuki's ear)
Tsuki: OW!! Evil vixen... (jumps on Xela's back. Small scuffle ensues...)

(scuffle ends some time later with Tsuki sitting on Xela's back holding her in place)
Tsuki: Okay.. Well first of all, did everyone see that FULL BLUE MOON on New Years?
Xela: Oh, c'mon Tsuki! It was just your birthday.
Tsuki: It was not JUST my birthday! It was my birth event!
Xela: I know, don't worry Tsuki-maru I'd never forget it. For those of you who don't know what we're talking about a Birth Event is when the exact phenomenon as a Youkai's birth occurs.
Tsuki: You see, we Youkai live so long that we tend to celebrate our birthday only every decade or so. In my case I was born on the New Year's Blue Moon at approximately the last strike of midnight, hence my usually female name. This event occurs about every twenty eight years or so. Thus, it makes a perfect time to celebrate my birthday. This was my second celebration and Xela has yet to give me a proper gift...
Xela: How about a nice sume-i portrait of you with caligraphy?
Tsuki: That would be nice.

Do not ask me what it's about...
All:(anime fall)
Xela: What?
Tsuki: Why the hell would you tell us that?!
Kitsu: Uhhh
Tsuki: (blushing)...
Xela: What it was funny to hear at lunch...
Tsuki: Xela... That sucked
Kitsu: Yeah that sucked balls
Tanaro:KITSU!! What the hell? Not funny! (facepalms) Why must I be surrounded by kitsune...
Xela: ... Let's just forget I said anything...
Tsuki: You're still not off the hook
Xela: Damn...

Kitsu: OOH! Tell the story of how you got kidnapped by Japanese tourists!
Xela:Yeah fine... I was climbing Diamondhead and ended up ducking out of their picture. When I did this they stopped and told me to go back. I ended up in the picture giving the "hang loose" sign. I wish they had taken me with them (sob)I know enough japanese to get by...
Tsuki:Maybe you could actually afford to go if you didn't BUY SO MANY MANGA!
Xela: Quiet!
Tsuki: ...Or video games...
Xela:Oh yeah! If you know of any good Anime Games let me know people! I beat "Bleach: Shattered Blade" and I can't find anything good for Wii right now (yes I have "Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution")
Tsuki: (shakes head) pathetic...
Xela:HEY! (slaps Tsuki upside the head)

Xela:Tsuki stop whining or I'll tell them all about your little hobby
Tsuki: (gasps) YOU WOULDN'T!!
Xela: I would...
Tsuki: Don't you dare!
Xela:Well Tsuki likes to sing to PANIC! AT THE DISCO while- MMPH (Tsuki slaps hand over Xela's mouth)
Tsuki: SHUT UP!!
Kitsu: Oh c'mon Tsuki, everyone knows you like to dance on a strip pole while singing to PANIC! AT THE DISCO's "BUT IT'S BETTER IF YOU DO"



Kitsu-Tsuki Prequel: The Runaway !posted 7-24-2008!This story is DEAD because of manga plotlines! I'M SORRY!

When Sakura humiliates Naruto after he hands her his heart, the crushed eighteen year old runs away. Unwittingly, he meets up with a certain shy Hyuuga who left a year before on a personal training mission. Will love bloom? Or will Hinata find herself unable to mend his shattered heart?


Kyuubi-no-Tsuki: A Kage-Kitsune and my muse. He has a habit of jumping into my review comments and bugging me constantly. I still love him though...He is all black in his true form and his right ear is has a bend halfway up giving him a puppy-ish look, his left canine is chipped. In human form he has black hair and dark indigo-blue eyes that are almost black at times. He likes to wear gray arm-warmers and a sleeveless leather jacket with faux fur trim on the collar and very baggy chain-draped black pants. He may look and act emo but he is NOT EMO!!

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