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Q&A Section

(Updated 3/23/2013)

I've never been able to figure out what I wanted to use my profile for. I'm not the type to really share much about myself or just put a bunch of cut and paste stuff down on my page; so I decided to use it as a Q&A area about anything my readers might come across in my stories. So if you think of something you want to ask me either put it in a review or PM me and I'll try and answer it as best as I can. If the questions about something I think that other might be wondering about I'll post the answer below here along with the name of whoever asked and a summary of the question. Answers to questions asked by people without accounts on FanFiction will also be posted here since I can't e-mail them.

In one of my reviews Darkmist111 (a long time reviewer XD) asked me a question about the differences between my perspectives in my three stories; Crossing Worlds- The Sealed Digivice (CW:TSD), Bound by a Similar Destiny (BbaSD), and Forgotten Legends (FL). So I sat down and wrote out a compare and contrast list that addressed some of the key points I was able to come up with. So if you want some deeper insight into the thinking behind my stories check it out just below... and if you're able to come up with something you want to know more about, just PM me your question and if I can answer it, I'll added it to the list.

Comparing and Contrasting- CW:TSD, BbaSD, and FL

Worlds Involved:

In FL and BbaSD the only worlds the Warriors and Digidestined will interact with are in a sense only in their own Zone (Zone as defined in CW:TSD, consisting of all of the dimensions that make up the separate space), so the real world, digital world, and dark ocean. In both of these stories these three worlds are the only thing involved. But in FL the only time in which the story takes place in the real world is in flash backs and events seen through television and reports from the real world; while in BbaSD they are constantly jumping between the two.

Now in CW:TSD there are many worlds and Zones involved. There’s the Frontier Zone (The Warriors home worlds), the Adventure Zone (The season 2 Digidestined’s home worlds), the Allied Zone (The home worlds of the digidestined Koji ran into when he became stranded), as well as other Zones which they cross into during the course of the story or address in flashbacks. The majority of Takuya’s side of the story takes place in the Adventure Zone, switching between the digital and real world. And recently has expanded to a new Zone in the latest chapters.

The fact that in CW:TSD they know about the existence of different Zone’s in the biggest difference between it and the other two (FL and BbaSD).

Couples Involved:

CW:TSD- Takuya and Kari, Tai and Sora, Ken and Yolei, and others which haven’t come up yet.

BbaSD- Takuya and Zoe, Tai and Sora, Ken and Yolei, Matt and Mimi, Joe and Jun, Kari and TK, and the rest with OC’s since they all needed to have kids.

FL- Kari and Takuya, and no others have been addressed yet.

Relationship to Reality:

In BbaSD and FL the Digidestined and Warriors are from the same world. In the BbaSD an event in the digital world caused a massive change to take place, altering the digital world the parents (digidestined) fought in as kids and into the one from the fourth season of the anime which the children (Warriors) fought in. While in FL it’s the same digital world, but it takes place in the oldest part of the digital world which had been cut off for eons (digital time).

In CW:TSD the Warriors are from the Frontier Zone while the Digidestined are from the Adventure Zone. The two different realities interacting is the biggest part of the story.

Main Characters Personalities and Changes:


Takuya is my favorite character from all of the seasons so he’s got the most to do with all three stories.

Takuya in CW:TSD is more serious. The fact that he’s a Runner has caused him to charge a great deal more than he has in BbaSD. He’s more intelligent (Koji’s still the brains though) and serious. He has taken the time to train very hard and develop his skills. He’s very knowledgeable about different everyman skills, like; survivalist skills, weapon and close combat training, highly trained physical skills and endurance training, and has worked on his instincts (the six sense). His obligations have grown and he’s greatly matured, but still knows how to be goofy at times. He’s also built up a large amount of life experience and events that have shaped him (the most noteable of these is his run in with Dominimon before CW:TSD even began). The biggest change in this story is his feelings of obligation and a more restless nature. He might claim to have become a Runner out of wanting to help people and digimon, which is true, but he also has an overwhelming desire to avoid the calm and everyday life he faced once the last of his enemies had been defeated.

In BbaSD he's still sort of carefree and goofy. He’s remained the leader of his team and shows a streak of reliability. However, he can still be spacey at times and unreliable, but never about anything big. He’s more playful in this story… more like a normal teenager than in CW:TSD. He has personality traits shared between Tai and Sora, which make him more caring and less composed. Takuya’s done some training, but it’s nothing compared to how much he’s done in CW:TSD

Takuya in FL… well you’ll just have to wait and see. The only thing I can tell you now is that he’s darker than in the other two and he has a much more passive personality, which causes him to let Kari take the lead throughout the story.

But throughout the three stories his relaxed attitude and quick thinking that’s half thought and half instinct remains intact.


In CW:TSD, Kari is coming into her own. She hasn’t made much development since the end of season 2 besides from in her appearance. However, as any one whose read the story can tell she’s been making leaps and bounds in her growth, becoming more honest with herself and those around her, as well as becoming happier and more positive. The biggest change in her core personality is a want to do more. Like Takuya and everyone else in the story she seeks adventure and release from the everyday tedium. Her developing feelings for Takuya symbolize how she’s blossoming and looking beyond the confines of her Zone and herself. It was actually only after facing and overcome a great challenge that she was able to recognize her own feelings for him. In the BbaSD she is content with peace and quiet; actually she prefers it over the chaos the Kari in CW:TSD seeks. This need for adventure is a definitive divide between all of the characters in CW:TSD and the two other stories. Think of it as a difference in Zones.

In BbaSD, Kari is a parent (and Takuya’s aunt… kind of a weird contrast to their relationships in CW:TSD and FL) and her involvement is limited to bit parts. Her role as the female lead from CW:TSD and FL has been passed to the more playful and hot-blooded Zoe. She will have a big part at some point in BbaSD but it won’t last long and the rest of her parts will be limited to things having to do with Tommy.

In FL, Kari’s looking for peace. A lot of pressures has been put on her and all of the others thanks to their positions as the digital worlds human representatives. She’s the central character of this story and will take a sort of lead position over Takuya, who will choose to instead follow her lead. In this story she shows a more stubborn and relaxed side than she shows in the others. The best way to sum her up in this story is as more confident.


In CW:TSD, Koji’s personality hasn’t changed much. He’s still kind of cold, but it’s more of a cool kind of cold than a distant. In this story his cold demeanor has lessened the least, mainly due to how serious his job as a Runner has made him sort of suspicious and put responsibilities on him that he never expected; but this isn’t to say that he hasn’t grown. In his interactions with Takuya and others his warmer side shows through. In fights with Takuya he can even show a more playful side. It’s also extremely rare that he loses a verbal fight to Takuya and there combat record stands at over a thousand ties… but neither one of them ever takes the fights seriously and they’ve never actually fought to an end.

In BbaSD, Koji’s become much warmer than in any of the other stories. His cool personality remains, but he can become flustered or confused by situations; somewhere along the way he decided that he didn’t always have to be on top of things. He shows a much more playful side to himself and on occasion loses an argument to Takuya. Koji also shows a warmer side now that he’s been faced with current events. But at his deepest levels he’s a true friend and someone Takuya couldn’t imagine not having at his back.

In FL, Koji’s is… you’ll just have to wait and see…


In CW:TSD, Koichi has followed Takuya and Koji into the position of a Runner. He’s very intelligent like Koji but caring like Takuya; yet the two of them excel to the position of hero’s while he’s more of a supporter. His position as supported is shown best by his choice of job within the group of three. When they set out for their first mission as Runners he chose to become the team medic. Even if he hadn’t picked it himself Takuya and Koji would have suggested it. He’s more open than he was in the end of the anime, but like Takuya and Koji he’s been effected by his job as a Runner and has begun craving a life of adventure over peace.

In BbaSD, Koichi’s personality falls somewhere between that of Koji and Takuya. He’s often the one to break up their arguments and has a brighter attitude than his brother. How he acts is in direct contrast to his element. He’s very open and a good listener; while Koji (whose the warrior of light) is more closed off and serious. He can easily go between getting along with Takuya or Koji; so when he needs quiet he seeks out his brother, and when he’s in need of some adventure he goes to Takuya, never caring what trouble they get into. Out of all the Warriors, Koichi seems to have grown and changed the most.

In FL, Koichi… I’m still not giving it away… but let’s just say he’s fighting an old battle…


In CW:TSD, Zoe’s the supporter of the Warriors. She has risen to a secondary leader position. Taking on the burden of leadership and leading Tommy and JP as their Digital Worlds primary peacekeeping force. In this story the changes in her and Takuya’s personalities over the years have moved them away from any deep romantic feelings; while in BbaSD they have grown to match each other, only intensifying their feelings for each other. They now maintain a deep friendship with a bit of sexual tension. In some ways Takuya considers her an even closer friend than Koji; telling her things he would never share with anyone else, but he’s begun showing this kind of affection towards Mimi and Sora as well, not as strong though. Despite that, Takuya still considers Koji his best friend and Zoe his best female friend.

In BbaSD, Zoe is the female lead. She’s very passionate, smart, and open; but still has problems admitting things to Takuya who she’s fallen for over the years.

In FL, …she’s going to help move things forward… that’s all for now…

THE DIGIDESTINED- (all those not mentioned above)

In CW:TSD, the Digidestined are very restless and see Takuya’s arrival as a series of problems that have liberated them from an almost painful peace and quiet. Four years without any enemies to fight have left them weaker than they were at the end of season two, but they are working hard to overcome the steep learning curve they now face.

In BbaSD, they have all become parents of the Legendary Warriors. They’ve greatly matured and are happy, but being disconnected from the Digital World and their partners for so long has had a longing effect on them. They feel that they can’t truly connect with their children because they can’t share that part of their past with them. However, thinking this way has made them oblivious to how well they actually connect with the children. Even if neither generation knows the truth, they can feel it and it has bound them together.

In FL, the Digidestined have had a lot of pressure put on them by their roles as the digital world’s representatives… maybe a bit too much… and now they've been thrown into a part of the Digital World with whole new sets of rules and where being a Mega doesn't mean much.

THE LEGENDARY WARRIOR- (all those not mentioned above)

In CW:TSD, the Warriors (Tommy, Zoe, and JP) are more on the supportive side of things. They chose to turn down the offer to be Runners when it was suggested in exchange for a safer and more normal life. They nearly died in the fight with the Zone Crossing Leivamon years before and that kind of scared them. However, secretly they have begun to regret their decision over the last four years and are now seeing the recent events as an opportunity to finally take up the offer, but they’ll leave that until Takuya and Koji are back safe and sound. While in their Zone they follow Zoe’s command when Takuya’s away on missions. The three of them have become the primary peace keepers in the Frontier Zone’s digital world. This is possible because they keep an eye out and make sure no evil digimon gets up to anything too serious; making sure to put them down before they become too much for them to handle.

In BbaSD, they might not be as strong as Takuya and Koji but they have all grown as fighters. The structure of the group is like that of season four, Takuya in charge and them following along; except they are willing to go on solo fights without having to worry. Other than their responsibilities the three haven’t changes much, outside of maturing with age. The big point of this story is that they have developed into more normal children… as normal as someone selected to defend two worlds can be. The biggest contrast between the Warriors and the Digidestined in this story is their attitudes towards fighting. The Warriors are… well, warriors. They aren’t afraid to put the enemy down and be ruthless to win a fight. This isn’t to say they’re cold, but they’ve become what they’ve had to, to deal with the Rifted. They also utilize a tactical combat method (a noticeable change in how they fight when compared to the partner digimon and digidestined) and greater power than what their parents partners were ever capable of… they are rare, one of a kind, digimon after all... legendary digimon.

In FL, it’s a secret… but I can say they will have the biggest personality changes of all the stories and they outclass the Digidestined in power severely, but considering their situation it’s reasonable.

Fate of Fallen Zones

One, myzorkingofwar, asked me a question about what Takuya told the Digidestined in chapter 11 of CW:TSD; about how there existed Zones were other Destined had lost to the powers of evil. What they wanted to know was, what became of these worlds.

Well, since the Multiverse is supposed to repesent the countless possible outcomes of major events (I've never really bought the whole every little decision, made by every person, creates a new universe theory) it's possible for a Zone to be eaten up by the victorious evil. A main focus of being a Runner is to correct this and save the fallen world, but that's only possible if the digital ruler is able to reach out for help and if anyone hears or responds. The Multiverse is essentually infinite so the idea that every world can be saved just isn't possible. So it might be dark, but there are Zones out there in the CW:TSD Multiverse that have been completely consumed by evil and have never been rescued... but Runners still try to make a difference; however, they're few in number and sometimes they're not even enough to save that Zone and end up falling as well.

I hope that answers your question and anyone else who might have been wondering about this.

Chapter 63 of CW:TSD

To SirLagginton (),

I answered your question from your review of chapter 63 of CW:TSD at the end of the chapter since it could be seen as a spoiler if I posted it here. Go check it out and thanks for the question.

Difficult Battles in CW:TSD

Over the time I've been publishing CW:TSD I've gotten the most questions about the battles in the story; mainly about the difficulty the Digidestined seem to have against the different enemies they've come across. They often have trouble taking down something like a single Ultimate level enemy, despite having up to multiple Mega's on their side in the fight. There are a few reasons for this, which are;

1. The Toll of Peace- The first problem the Digidestined face is that they haven't had to fight since the battle with Armageddemon over four years ago. The four years of peace has made them and their partners rusty, and weaken them. They're slowly regaining their combat abilities, but it's going to take more than just a few weeks.

2. The Zone Crossing Effect- Constantly Crossing Zones changes a persons or digimons Zone Signature, which directly effects their power level, along with the amount of Zone Energy they have. With enough crossings under one's belt their power will become more flexable, versitile, and consentrated. Many of the digimon enemies they're facing now have crossed many times and have power well beyond their levels.

3- The Requirements to Zone Cross- For a Digimon to be able to actually Zone Cross they need to have a certain high level of power and an inborn or gained anomally in their data that gives them the ability and a power boost in energy. This means that the enemies level doesn't mean much since it's possible of a Zone Crossing capable Champion to have the same power level as a normal Mega. With differences like that you can imagine how powerful that Champion digimon could be if it became a Ultimate or Mega.

4- Combat Experience- The enemies they're now facing are extremely experience in the field of combat. They've come out on top of many near death battles, which have boosted their skills and power. It's the old adage, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," in action.

5- The Masters Boost- Many of the enemies have also received incredible boosts of power from the ones they serve, increasing all of their abilities and strenghts.

6- A Different Style of Combat- The new enemies tend to use tactics and planning in battle, well beyond what the Digidestined were used to from the old days. This new combat style makes their enemies unpredictable and dangerous on whole new levels.

All of these problems make the new enemies a whole new force to be recokoned with.

"No Title" or "Title"

At the end of a certain battle in chapter 64 of CW:TSD a certain enemy said, "...I lost to a child with no Title...," as he died. This statement rasied a question with a reviewer, myzorkingofwar, who wanted to know what he meant. A Title (Capitalized in this case since it's a proper name) is something that will come up later on in the story, but I can tell you what it is right now. A Title is something given to a Runner or other being who has acheived something impressive, such as; felled a powerful opponent (namely an evil one... however, their are some evils out their who have gotten a Title by taking down a good being...), passed some impassible mission, found or discovered something incredible, made some great contribution to the multi-verse, saved someone or something, or the most undesireable of all because of some major embarassment or failure.

So what that certain enemies was saying, was that he was defeated by someone who hadn't done anything amazing that earned him a Title; esentually he was saying that he was defeated by a nobody. He wasn't as bothered when he though he had lost to Takuya, who has a Title (his Title in the multi-verse will come up at some point, but for now he hasn't mentioned it), an actually pretty well know Title in the multi-verse. (a small hint, it's not the Warrior of Flame)

Ages of Characters in CW series

I was asked by DranzerShadowWanderer about the ages of the cast of the CW series, so I felt I'd post them here incase anyone else wants to know.

Legendary Warriors:

Takuya, Koji, Koichi, Zoe - 16

JP - 17

Tommy - 14

Digidestined of CW1 Zone:

Joe - 19

Tai, Matt, Sora - 18

Izzy, Mimi - 17

Yolie - 16

Kari, TK, Davis, Ken - 15

Cody - 13

Digidestined of CW2 zone:

Joe - 16

Tai, Matt, Sora - 14

Izzy, Mimi - 13

Yolie - 12

Kari, TK, Davis, Ken - 11

Cody - 9

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