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Hi my name is Jaicee Thompson and I love to read and. I am very stubborn and thats not what I'm just told i know it for a fact if i start something even if i hate it i will accomplish no matter what! I try to get along w/ everyone as long as u don't try to pick fight w/ me then were cool. If you have a story in mind that u would like to put up but you don't know how to start or ur afraid no one will like it then u can also just send me an example or ur writing plan 4 it or whatever and I'm always willing to help out fellow readers/writers = sum times i will have major writers block or something and cant think of anything and u have any ideas but ur dont really want to write just tell me the idea if so i will definitely give u all the credit i will not take credit for sum else's work its just plain wrong. If u have a myspace hit me up at either /xxtear_stained_heartxx or is my real email address too. So if u have any questions just ask me don't hold back.

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