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I like Fgo

I like berserkers

in Fgo I only have berserkers that is at lvl 80 and max ascension which consist of All 1-3 star berserkers and a few 4 star and a Chinese centaur that is not related to lu bu... probably.

(mash kryielight is also lvl 80, she is the reason why my berserkers are still standing and every non berserkers are all lvl 1)

yes, every battle in every singularity and losbelt is a do or die moment, I'm a f2p and I don't have quartz to spare, I need my berserkers #berserkersupremacy

and just as my profile suggest. Asterios is lvl100 still waiting for Heracles though

oh yeah, The extra class Foreigner... ...god I hate them so much

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