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BIG pet peeve:

The growing number of people who can't seem to get one particular bit of grammar down that I've known since I was eight.

We got this in primary school when I was a girl.

So, here's the correct grammar for using the words 'few' and 'fewer' or 'less' and 'lesser'.

When should you use fewer or less?

Fewer means “not as many.” We use fewer with countable nouns like cookies.

Example: Cookie Monster was told to eat fewer cookies.

Less means “not as much.” We use less with uncountable nouns like milk.

Example: "I drank less milk today than I did yesterday."

When you are uncertain about grammar, Grammarly can help.

Grammarly dot com is your friend.

Bookmark it.

Alright, I've made the command decision to report the flames, the constant harassment and the personal attacks to the appropriate authorities. Since the reports are in, it's no longer in my hands and that means YOUR choices are something else I've deleted now. Suck it up and deal.

I honestly still think that the people who make personal attacks are being stupid, though. You have no idea who I am or what I'm like so your opinions are nothing short of lies made up to yourselves, by yourselves. If this fact being made clear in a public place offends you, too bad, I don't really care, because you deserve it. Brought it on yourselves, all by yourselves.

I'm also posting most things at Archive of Our Own, simply because if the flamers try their crap THERE, they'll be nailed good and hard by the very much active Admins. Plus, I can and have limited reviews to logged in, members ONLY. Translation: You can't hide there...you can't flame without getting banned and that means you have to make nice or at least shut up. Some posting will still be done here, I'll just do it there first. Plus Ao3 is NC17 friendly...SO, if you don't like it, BITE ME.

Also, for someone who got so many insults on my writing, I'm getting hundreds of hits, dozens of kudo and some bookmarks on my works on Archive of Our Own, from people who haven't got the chip on their shoulders that some of the pro-hate idiots do here.

I will still delete guest reviews.

I will still answer them anyway right here...but this was getting too full so I decided to start over fresh.

I will still answer right here, those people who make comments but have their PMs turned off so they think they're safe from being disagreed with...you're not safe. At all...because since the replies go here instead of your inbox, they are in public. So everyone gets to see you get clocked for anything nasty.

Reviews are for STORY RELATED REMARKS ONLY. The second you make a personal remark, you are out of line. End Of Subject. Story related doesn't mean you get to make assumptions about the characters, you can only remark on what is present, not what you THINK is going on.

You are not God, you have no right to judge me, so, that means your opinions of me, of whom you have no actual knowledge, are worthless.

It is a fact of American life that people who do not have real answers tend to call people names and most of those people tend to be people I wouldn't put up with in real life. I have always stood up for myself, no matter who tried to put me down and I always will.

To the person who claimed I'm a teen: I have archived stories located in the W.W.O.M.B with this username...which I have used in various places for over two and a half decades, and I believe, if memory serves me correctly also under the username of Royschild, though that was for a relatively short time and also, was many, many years ago. Additionally, I'm located in Master and Apprentice, WhoFic and as well as several Sentinel fics which were posted to (though I believe the archive collapsed some years ago due to a scrambled server) Brothers In Arms. I have been present in several genres over time since the late 1990s, I'm old woman. I'll be 60 in three years. This granny don't take sass from nobody, didn't when I was young, nor in my prime nor now nor ever. Ain't happening.

it is not bullying behavior to stand up for oneself unless you're one of those twits who consider anyone whose views differ from their own and dare to say so, to be 'bad'. To that sort, all I ever do in response is point at them and start laughing.




having no real value or use.

"that promise is worthless"


valueless, of little/no value, meritless, paltry, (of) poor quality, third-rate, cheap and nasty, futile, ineffective, ineffectual, pointless, deficient,

defective, meaningless, senseless, hollow, petty, pathetic...and there were about fifteen more on the list but I was getting bored.

(of a person) deserving contempt.

Similar: good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well, useless, despicable, contemptible

And this is how I treat those of you who behave this way...as deserving of contempt. I do hold you in sure and certain contempt, making no bones about it. I am honest, which is more than I can say for the flamers...I'm also blunt about it. What ticks you off the most is that I'm correct to do so, you know it and that just drives you up a wall.

Now, since you are this insistent with your constant attempts (and epic failures) to emotionally damage someone who has a healthy ego and a good self-esteem level, and who knows better than to take you seriously, common sense tells me you're doing it to others, perhaps, who do NOT have a healthy ego, who have a low self-esteem and who do take you seriously, so I have to be concerned with what damages you might be inflicting on those people. You are just too well practiced at this sort of verbal barrage not to have made a habit of it.

For that reason you've been reported to the FBI who can and will TRACK you. Every time you post something to a website, your computer leaves being certain kinds of information...like your MAC Address. A MAC address is specific to ONE computer in the world, only: It's a computer's fingerprint. With a subpoena, the feds can get the identifying bits your computer left behind, as well as your GPS location (Lat/Long) and other things they need to pinpoint your location, and track ALL of your communication history.

They can easily get transcripts of everything you have said, to anyone. Ever. At that point, if there is as prosecutable offense which has not had it's statute of limitation already expire, you're very likely to be charged. If you do not live in the USA, well, they DO talk to Interpol, you know? Either way, you're likely to be in deep, deep doo-doo.

This is not my first rodeo, you are not the first internet idiot of this type I've dealt with, and this time because of improvements in federal laws, I don't have to track you down to your street address myself.

I could. I've done it before, that's why I knew which software to buy to do that. It's not difficult, really, just time consuming. Once I have your domain identified, showing copies of these posts to the abuse support division is enough to get most domains to drop you permanently. And IP ban you as well as warn other providers. BUT, it's more satisfying for me to let the Feds do all that, since they can add criminal charges to the process, as well.

fbi dot gov / audio - repository / news - podcasts - thisweek - cyber - bullying dot mp3 / view

quote start:

Audio Transcript

Mollie Halpern: The FBI is seeing more cyber bullying complaints coming through its Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, than it has in the past.

Herbert Stapleton: Things that a bully might have done face to face on a playground 20 years ago now are sometimes being done over the Internet.

Halpern: I’m Mollie Halpern, and this is FBI, This Week. Cyber bullying is when somebody uses the Internet to try to harass or humiliate another person. Supervisory Special Agent Herbert Stapleton…

Stapleton: In certain circumstances, cyber bullying can violate federal law, which the FBI would investigate.

Halpern: Cyber bullying can have dangerous and damaging consequences. The FBI teaches parents and children how to reduce the chances of becoming victims through our community outreach programs.

Stapleton: We suggest practicing good online etiquette. And remember that things that are said online can be harmful or hurtful to victims.

Halpern: For tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber bullying, . And if you think you’re a victim of cyber bullying—or any type of computer-based crime—report it at www dot ic3 dot gov.

End Quote

So much for the reassurances by someone who doesn't know nearly as much as they thought they did...I actually research things BEFORE I decide what I will do, so, guess anyone relying anyone that claims that there's nothing the LEOs can do about it, is wrong...which means they're also SOL if a reporting party is acting within the law. Which I am. Nice try, though...because the FBI, NOT THE LOCAL POLICE, the feds, people, recommend complaints to be filed with them.

It's illegal to file a false complaint or one that has no way to prosecute it...that's why they tell people up front that sometimes there ARE federal laws being violated and since the laws are federal, that crosses state lines and those territorial boundaries for U.S. Territories. Do try to remember to look things like this up before you tell people it's okay and nobody will stop or care or whatever. Because you just lied to your friends. IF you have any friends. I noticed a long time ago that I get three or more new idiots showing up within minutes of blocking one of your shadow accounts...so I decided to invest in some IP tracking software. I sent them the rather interesting results as well. You are not as well hidden or as invisible as you thought...and while I won't bother with you, physically, the feds just might decide you are not responsible enough to continue to enjoy internet capabilities.

Now, once I had the fed report in and had the case/docket number, THEN I reported it to the website, along with the docket number for their use, education and to make a point.

Have a nice day.

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