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Okay, so I'm sure (actually, it's really like a hope =D) there's a few people that are wondering about the sequel to the story Exiled. I can promise you there will be a sequel, it's just a matter of when there will be a sequel. I've started on the first part of the chapter, but have now come to the point where exactly I want the ending to wind up and then the stuff that goes in between. After all you probably don't want me rambling on forever and a day about inconsequential things. But I will tell you a few things about the story.

1) It's most of the story's going to be set around Volkner and Will. More Volkner, mostly because well, the stories all started with him.

2) Flint comes in to contact with both Will and Volkner, though more so with Will.

3) I will more than likely be drawing quite a few different characters from different leagues and continents.

So yay! You have a small update. Unfortunately I shall have to send my computer in soon because the 'i' key went bye bye.

Also if any of you have a neopets account my username is nutbrain14_mm (that's a double underscore by the way)

And for deviantart you can go to

Yup any question comments or concerns please note me!

P.S. If there are any characters from the pokemon games you'd like to see, please let me know. But no Ash. Grrr.

Thank you!

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