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My goal for 2018 is to finish Blessed Child of Mine and one of the my current KHR projects (haha, who am I kidding).

Current Projects

Raining Pebbles (naruto) :

OC-SI Akane just wanted to make her mundane days a little less boring (being born rich sometimes did have drawbacks) Too bad she had no idea what others already had in store for her. (WILL DIVERGE FROM CANON A LOOOOOOOOOOOOT)

Parallel Fate(KHR):

SI? Cassidy a girl with the knowledge of the KHR plot is switched with her Reborn! counterpart Midori. She attempts to stay away from the plot only to fall in love with a certain blonde mafia boss who looks just like her ex-boyfriend! (DOES NOT DIVERGE FROM CANON MUCHHHHHHHHHH)

-Will be a mid length project, no more than 25 chapters

Blessed Child of Mine (Magi):

SI? I was not blessed, if anything the tiny black butterfly-like creatures that surrounded me-suffocated me indicated that I was an anomaly. My entire existence was an abomination. I was cursed and that was why my mother, Gyokuen Ren, loved me. (Diverges from canon A LOT A LOT A LOT)

-Will probably be around 9 chapters.

Backburner projects

My sister is marrying a Mafioso!(KHR) :

Lin knows she isn't a "normal" high schooler, especially not with her psycho-combat-happy family. But she hits a whole another level of weird when the Mafia gets involved. (DOES NOT DIVERGE FROM CANON MUCHHHHHHHHHH)

-Don't know where this is going yet

Cycling on Repeats(KHR) :

SI? Hisako Watanabe is a girl who dies just to wake up again in her mother's arms. After her 15th repetition of her 7th birthday, her life begins to change as she gains a new family. She vows to protect her new family, especially her new sister Haru.

-Will probably be around five chapters.

Troubles of a Basketball Manager (Kuroko no Basuke):

A series of snippets of managers from various basketball clubs.


Waking Up with Coffee(KHR)

Papa Shamal (KHR)

Invisible boundaries(KHR)

Idle Efficiency (Haikyuu!)

Amongst Summons and Contracts (Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler)

Plot Bunnies that may never be written

Commoner Logic (Ouran highschool host club) : Most girls find Tamaki's flirting romantic, and swoon at the sight of him. Most girls succumb to the charms of the host club, and melt like putty in their presence. But Haruhi's friends are not like most girls(one-shot)

Unfortunate Neighbor(Durarara!!!) : All she wanted to do was live a peaceful and luxurious life in Shinjuku. When the rent for one of the apartments on the top floor penthouse was dirt cheap and the landlord cried in thanks after she signed the yearly lease, she should have known something was up. It didn't say anywhere in the contract she was living next door to a sociopath, and now she was stuck there for a year(one-shot)

Sacred words (Naruto): She didn't care that she had foreknowledge of the terrible future to come. She didn't want to change the future, she wanted to stay where she was and live her life peacefully, as short lived as it would be. Unfortunately an encounter with the local jashinist results in her future plans going down-down-down hill. (one-shot)

Between the Rice Fields (Naruto) : Orochimaru took over our land. Trained us to be shinobi, trained orphans to be killers, and mutilated us for his own pleasure. We were going to take back out country. We were children from the Land or Rice Fields(one-shot)

Orange on the Aluminum Can (Kuroko no Basuke) : Izuki Shun was actually fairly popular with the female population of Seirin High. But the moment his joke book appeared, girls avoided him like the plague. He eventually discovered, his jokes make the most unlikely girl in school laugh (one-shot)

Yeah it takes me forever to update and I keep starting new stories when I haven't finished my old ones.

I'll finish eventually (I hope).

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