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I love SMK and watched it in it's original run. I found it again in December of 2001 and then discovered this site through the PAX website. I enjoy reading and writing SMK fanfic immensly! I also enjoy reading Stargate and Stargate:Atlantis fics. I'm not happy with what TPTB did to Atlantis, so I'm into reading stories about alternate S4. I've written one SG-1 fic, and I'm hoping to start an Atlantis fic shortly. But don't hold me to that. My most favorite fandom, though, is Star Wars. I am an EU junkie, and can not stand the Mickey Mouse canon. I miss the real Solo kids, Mara, Ben SKYWALKER . . . ugh. Even Rogue One was weird. So I've been back here a lot lately to remedy the farce that Disney has created. I have never been able to coax the muse into writing Han and Leia, but that's what I read. All. The. Time.

I enjoy my kids and husband, doing just about anything outside. I'm a HUGE hockey fan. I'm a Librarian. Haven't written anything in years, but if my muse ever wakes up, I'll be sure to let you all know. For now, I'll just enjoy reading all the great stuff here.

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