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I have been on and off for a while. I also noticed that my profile was blank lol. For those who have read, followed, favorited, and reviewed my stories I thank you. Anyway, I've been on and off due to life and trying to hone my writing skills. You see, I don't just write because I like Kim Possible or Star Wars, I write because I have developed a passion for writing stories. One day, sooner or later, I hope to publish my own stories and write books. So here I practice my passion for writing and push forward to improve with every stroke of the key.

Anyone whose seen my profile will note that I have only written for Kim Possible. It's a show that still holds a place in my heart, and even use the phrase 'Anything is possible for a Possible' to encourage my family to push forward. Yes, I'm a single dad of three. Contrary to a review I've read, I never perished in combat. I served but that's all I'll delve into. Kim Possible is a show that I took a liking to when I was just a kid. Yet it wasn't until So the Drama came out that I started getting into fanfiction.

I've never felt the need to write for other shows that I came to enjoy or even love. Star Wars might be the only exception, but that's what my crossover is for. Anyway. I while I wish I could have continued writing continuously, life gets in the way. Plus, until now, I wasn't satisfied with my work and desperately wanted to improve. So now that I feel confident that I have learned a lot, and even more so, to accept criticism, I shall continue to write. Maybe one day I'll find another series I'd like to write about but that remains to be seen.

Anyway, I like to write Kim Possible fanfic and its well-rounded characters and put them into more for real-world scenarios. 'Gatekeepers' was my first attempt and soon I will remove it from my page. Lotus Wars, will continue in its place, however, I'm still not certain on the title so if anyone has a good title they'd like to share, let me know, maybe I'll use it.

One-shots include:

Her Father's Song

His Favorite Christmas Story

Now as for my new story, 'Take Me As I Am'. This is a continuation of the one-shot 'My Home'. In conclusion, I will have two series that I will continue to devote myself to. The 'My Home Universe' will be a series of one-shots, short stories, and possibly one or two longer ones that will tell my story of Kim and Ron after graduation, and maybe a little before. I'm looking for a better name for this universe but so far My Home is what it's called for now. I'll update the titles here if I think of a better name for this universe. Here are the titles of the stories I have either completed or are in the works.

My Home Universe:

My Home

Take Me As I Am


Harder To Love

Tangerine Skies

There is another title, but I don't want to reveal it as of yet. These short stories are inspired by music that I listen to. Yes, I'm inspired by music.

The other series I'm working on is my crossover with Star Wars, the Lotus Wars. I'll continue to post and update this in tandem with the 'My Home Universe'. I'll give more updates on these series when I can.

I am working on another crossover called the Possible Diary. Maybe it's more accurate to call it a fusion.

The Possible Diary. Coming Soon.

Anyway's that's it. I'll update my profile again when the time is right.

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