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Hi. I would like to just say that I would post my stories on here but, DAMN are ya'll fucking mean. So I'll be keeping all my stories on both AO3 and Wattpad for the foreseeable future. I'm not saying that the mean part is from experience, but I've seen how ruthless people were in the comment sections under many stories on this site. Some are understandable but most were just, wow. So mean.

Anyways, I just like reading fics on this site, leaving some comments of my thoughts although at times it may come across as rude (blame the fact that whenever I'm reading and decides to comment, I'm sleep deprived because it's around 2 am and I hate life). Especially if it's any of my old comments because I started reading on here when I was 11, and let me just tell you that I was an absolute dumbass back then. So do not take whatever my younger counterpart commented personally.

I'm still pretty honest on my thoughts, so if it was any recent comments then I apologize if it came across as rude.

I'm 14 (I know, ew, a child), live in a small country called New Zealand (why the fuck are you telling strangers where you live???), and I also don't really care if you think I'm a male or female. You can refer to me with any pronouns or whatever because I literally could care less. That's all I suppose, I pretty much just hate life in general and fanfics are sort of the only thing I care about these days.

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