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I read and write Harry Potter fanfic. The world has caught my imagination, and contributes a rich echo to my life.


I am currently writing a post-DH HPDM fanfic called Something Past Survival, about how the various people pick up their lives after the final battle. There is a lot of wizarding culture exploration, reconciliation between former enemies, and a second 7th year at Hogwarts for some of our favorite people. It promises to be long. I am posting it chapter by chapter on my LiveJournal,

Constructive criticism welcome! Comments keep me writing!


I read a wide range of fic.

I value good writing: well plotted stories with internal consistency, good characterizations, and good spelling and grammar.

I love reconciliation between rivals (Harry just about any Slytherin as lovers or friends or mentor/child, for example), so long as the reconciliation starts with where the characters are in canon. There is no challenge if the story starts out with sunshine and roses.

I want characters to have strengths and weaknesses.


I review fics I like. If I see issues, I make suggestions for improvement.


That was a lot of paragraphs beginning with I. Perhaps I should revise...

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