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Hello! My name is Abbie, and yes, that is short for Abigail. I get that question a lot.

My biggest accomplishment in life so far is getting accepted into my first-choice nursing school, and then getting all the required labs and paperwork for it done on time! I'm so excited to start in Spring 2016, but I know that it will prevent me from writing as much as I would like to. I do have a list of short writing projects that I'd like to work on while in school, though.

My earliest memory of writing is when I was in second grade, and I wrote acrostic poems for extra credit. In third grade, I filled my entire writing journal (a five-subject notebook), and was very proud of myself for that. I know I was writing again in sixth grade, and very actively. At the time, it was a Pokemon FanFiction which I never posted, and is now lost. Over the years, I've written on and off again, collecting story ideas and storing them in my FanFiction binder. I'm attempting to make writing something I do more regularly, so that those stories don't go untold, and hopefully I'll get through them one day.

The main fandoms I see myself writing for are Maximum Ride and Pokemon, and I have enough ideas there to keep me busy for years. I also plan to write original works on Figment under the same username. Thanks for checking out my profile!

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