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My current stories are

Lord of the Rings

Modern Story- On hiatus

Glorfindel never travelled to Valinor. He stayed and throughout the ages has become bored and wondering why he stayed. Until one night he meets a mysterious half Elven girl who knows nothing of her parentage.

The Stewards Messenger- On hiatus

As personal messenger to Lord Denethor, Devera find herself travelling with Boromor to Rivendell.

Both these stories I was writing through a very difficult time in my life. I find it a bit hard to get back to these still without bringing up memories. They will be finished, but whether its sometime soon or not only time can tell.


Crystallize- In progress

Kari never wanted to be involved in SHIELD. One night at a bar changed all that and she is thrown into a world she never wanted. Life gets a little crazier when your workmates are Black Widow and Hakweye.

I work on one shots, mostly from Jared's point of view that tie in for Crystallize. I'm happy to accept prompts for these.

I write for pleasure in the bits of free time I have at work. I either have a lot of spare time at work, or nothing at all! Just my updates can be all over the place. I don't have a beta so please be gentle with any spelling/grammer errors. Sometimes I'm sitting there editing things at 4am and my brain just doesn't quite work how it should. I'm excited to see anyone reading my stories. Reviews and Favourite alerts just make my day.

Once I can work out Tumblr, I plan on putting bits and pieces up on there about my writing inspiration. Small chapter previews and fan art that I've been playing with.

Instagram- icedragoness1

Facebook Page- www.facebook.com/icedragoness1

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