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About Me: It's been awhile since I've updated this. But I'm Marie, a 20 year old hairstylist from a boring place in Ohio. Writing is one of my favorite things to do and I tend to draw inspiration from the weather/seasons and from events in my life. I love to either write about something I know very intimately or something that is so completely foreign to me. My love of writing came from my love of reading, which I do a lot of. I am a sucker for romances and adventure along with a hint of mystery. I have a horrible habit of reading the last pages of books. My friends hate it when I do this but I love to know the ending because then I'm so intensely curious as to how the people in the story end up at the ending pages.

Limited List of Top Favorites

Books: Twilight Saga, Maximum Ride Series, House of Night Series, Vampire Academy Series, Blue Bloods Series, All of Jane Austen's works, Chronicles of Narnia.

Movies: Anything from the 80s, John Hughes' movies, Lost Boys, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, The Wedding Singer, Adam Sandler's Movies, Mean Girls, James and the Giant Peach, Tangled.

TV: Golden Girls, Secret Life of the American Teenage, Real Housewives of New Jersey, " " New York, The Rachel Zoe Project, Flipping Out, Project Runway, Sons of Anarchy, Terra Nova

Music: If I like it, I listen to it. If I love it, I put it on replay and audio rape the song.

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I've updated When I Look At the Stars recently but other than that, I'm trying to find my spunk for writing again. I would really love to finish my WIPs.

~Story Status~

Bella, Emmett and the Dukes- One-shot
Start: 12-1o-o7
Finish: 12-1o-o7

Trouble- One-shot
Start: 4-13-10
Finish: 4-13-10

Somebody Save Me- Sequel- Maybe
Start: 12-15-o7
Finished: 1-16-o8

When It Rains
Start: 1-17-o8
Finished: 12-12-o8

When I Look At The Stars
Start: 6-12-o8


Doing This Alone
Start: 2-4-o8
Finished: 12-23-o8

Dreaming All Alone
Start: 2-13-o9

Doing This Alone- GERMAN VERSION
Translated by: xXKimmyXx


When I Look At The Stars: Catherine Amy Rostov-Reilly. What a mouth full. Cate is use to life in the big city. Yummy take-out, shopping, and a performing school of the arts. That is Cate's life until her parents bring some big news down on her: They're getting divorced. Not only that, they are sending her to Washington to live with extended family. Cate doesn't expect much, she just wants to dance.
Dancing is Cate's life. And she can't do it anymore because of how isolated La Push is. But when she gets to La Push to live with the Clearwater's, she gets more than she expected. A mean cousin, two handfuls of teenage boys -one boy in particular- Paul, and the ever impossible Quileute language.
How will Cate handle it when she learns of the werewolves and that she's an Imprint? She's part Quileute does that mean that she could "change" too? What about her older and impossibly big, warm brother?
Cate's life just got complicated.
Chapters: 20

Dreaming All Alone: The Cullens have finally made the big move to Hawaii. Everything is happy, and almost perfect for them. But an unexpected turn happens: Alice isn't the only one that is able to see the future. These dreamlike visions seem so real, but are they just dreams? What happens when these "dreams" start coming true? Someone wants their revenge--and not everyone will survive.
Bella's happy ending is shattered, will it ever be put back together?
Chapters: 15-20


Somebody Save Me:
Outfits: Somebody Save Me

When It Rains:
Outfits: When It Rains
Bella's Prom Dress
The Fast Blue Car

Doing This Alone:
Outfits: Doing This Alone
Bella's Room at the Webers
The Nursery
Noah & Sadie

Dreaming All Alone:
Outfits: Dreaming All Alone
Cullen Hawaii House: Picture 1 Picture 2
Irish Coven Castle

Noah & Sadie
Sadie 1
Sadie 2
Noah 1
Noah 2

Cullen Cars:
Emmett's Van
Bella's Lexus
Jasper's Jaguar
Alice's Mustang
Carlisle's Buick LaCrosse
Rosalie's Camero
Edward's Volvo

When I Look At The Stars:
Outfits: When I Look At The Stars

Cate Rostov
Cate and Lucas' Dad Timothy Rostov
Lucas Rostov

Cate's Luggage:
Keep All

Cate's Lexus Hybrid

Clearwater's House

Cate's Bed

Quileute Language

Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.- Eleanor Roosevelt

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.- Eleanor Roosevelt

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