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Hello Everyone!

My name is Gitika. And i will be turning 22 soon. I go to University and i am studying History and Professional Writting. I love to read. Actually come to think of it I read alot. One of my favourite serise has to be The Harry Potter serise i really love Draco, and i think that J.K Rowling really should have gotten him and Hermione together. But hey thats what fanfics are for right? Well i am currently working on a few and i havent had the chance to post them yet. But once i get around to typing them hopefully sometime this month then someone might actually read my work instead of me scourring the internet to find fanfics to read and trust me i love reading them fanfics.

My favourite paring has to be Draco and Hermione, and my cannon paring would be James and Lily. And the other parings i like are:

Ron/Lavender or Luna
Oliver/OC and Oliver/Katie Bell

Thats it for now i shall add more later. Oh before i leave i am part of a community on Lj called Dramione_ldws ill get a link for it so i can pimp that community and Dyno_drabbles is another one both are really wonderful :D and everyone should give them a try and read all the wonderful work that people have put up there.

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