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About my self:

Sex: male

Age: 24

I love manga, comics, movies, anime and video games

Fav. Video games: Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Starcraft, Mass effect 1,2,3, Valkyria chronicles, Dragon age, Persona 3(fes) 4

Fav. Anime: Gundam(All), Bleach, Naruto, Ghost in the Shell, Negima, Fate/zero, Fate/stay night, Eden of the East, To Love-ru

Movies: Princess Mononoke, Sword of the stranger, How to train your Dragon, Kung fu Panda (1 and 2)

Favorite Quotes:

"It does not matter if a person has a stick up their ass. What matters is how far up it goes." - Myself

"Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." - Athur C. Clarke

"I am not the bad guy. I am the bad guy who has not been established yet." - EZ Rider

"The Web is stupid." - My College prof ( So true, if you know what he is talking about)

Thoughts on Naruto:

I love this show/Manga!

Only complaint is that the anime in part 2 moves at a snails pace. It's like they are doing one chapter an episode.

I also don't like how people are taking the new chapters. it looks like most are saying that Masashi Kishimoto is destroying it by make Danzo the next hokage. I agree Danzo shouldn't be the hokage for being a war hawk and ordering anko to be found and killed.(I like her character)

Someone correct me if I am wrong but I don't think danzo being hokage is not set in stone

Fav Pairing: Naruto X Sakura

Ok, I know that alot people hate this pairing because of her acting in part 1 but it seem to be canon soon.

Things I have noticed about them.

1) Sakura is nicer to him when Sasuke left. It seemed that her crush on sasuke was stopping her from seeing him. besides at this point in the story they are all 12 years old. They haven't grown up and are still kids so she don't anything about real relationships.(I don't either, never had a girlfriend, I am just wait to find the right one(I'm a hopeless romance))

Thoughts on Naruto fanfiction:(peeves)

Things that are driving me batty

1) Kyuubi coming out of nowhere and doing :

a) giving him power (eg. techniques, fighting forms,) -- kyuubi is FOX DEMON he would not know ninja techniques at all and would think they are below him.

b) telling him about his parents -- He wouldn't care as human just want him for his power

2) naruto out of nowhere liking the demon inside him. -- its been hurting him and made him an outcast in the village

3) A letter from Minato and/or Kushina before they seal kyuubi into naruto: (I give slack to stories out before the reveal of what happened before the fox was released)


b) Powerful item/ techniques/ instructs attached to letter -- no time to set that up

-- The only way I can see a letter working is if Kushina wrote a letter before giving birth as a message to naruto just in case in of complications during birth, don't sort of like what she said before dieing in the manga.

My Stories Info:

Gundam Stories

Title: The Sixth Meteor -- Gundam wing

Summary: Dan a 16 year old boy is heading off to work on the first space colony. But accident happens and he ends up in the future. or is it?

Status: Dead/buried/what are we talking about -- Reason, I am an idiot, It was to be Gary sue with my ideas at the time. The stuff I dislike now a days. what was I thinking. Got some good ideas out of it and reused with another idea I am working on, if I ever get past writes block on it.

Crossovers Stories

Title: The Storyteller’s tale of a Reflecting Moon -- Naruto/Sailor moon

Summary: Once upon a time there was a man who fell in love with a young goddess. But due to his status, he dare not act on his feelings and watched her from a distance.

Chapters: One-Shot

Status: Story outline done, pending Writing.

NC Collection

Title: The Meeting of the Witch and the Sacrifice

Summary: Pending

Chapters: One-Shot

Status: Writing.

Author: Follow Favorite

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