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Yo im N just a 14 yr old writing stories

PM me for ideas
All of my stories will be complete.
My pairings will sometimes be off - canon

Still a new writer, but my writing is getting consistently better
If any1 wants to beta, reach out to me, in the server or PM me

ANNOUNCEMENT - I am done writing the first 10 chapter of the zombie fic, i will be releasing it after the end of Never Bow Down's book 1

Join the discord - discord .gg /5PTxwH6nMc

Apparently fanfiction hates links
Remove the spaces

Constructive criticism is appreciated and valued.

Fav TV show-

1.The walking dead
2. Cobra Kai
3. Big Bang Theory
4.Stranger Things
5. Friends

Fav books-

1.Tyrant's Tomb
of Hades
3.The Last Olympian


1. Twins of Lightning

Jason and Percy twins of Jupiter separated from their sister Thalia make their way to Camp Jupiter during the Titan War. PREYNA

2. New World - Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse AU.

3 . The jingle of summer

Pipercy Vacation AU

Only ideas-

1. High school AU Mortal
2. Barista AU
3. Perlia One - Shot
4. Percabeth Child AU
5. OC story

All of the people who review , Thanks

Means a lot

Peace N

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