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Quick update for all. I have recently created an ao3 account as well. I'm on the site as SereneWriter. I will be double posting a few works so if you see copies out there in your search for fanfic as long as it is under SereneWriter that's still me

Well it's been awhile, a few years actually. I'm really excited about being back! I have some really fun stories planned to update. I'm also going to be relaunching a few old ones from here, fix up some endings, give it proper closure. Aside from that, I'm going to try to have a weekly oneshot. I apologize in advance for not getting one out every week. In the past, I have had some fabulous people PM me and I apologize for my years of being away if I have made you feel as if I don't care because I do. Many thanks for all of the favorites, reviews, and follows in my absence and if you ever want to talk I'm really back so PM me, I plan to be here for a long time to come. I love taking requests from readers so send me anything, I have a lot in the works right now so if it's not out right away I do apologize.

Check out some of my obsessive organizing below. I have stories that I will be regularly updating (Stories In Progress). Stories that will get a brand new launch or touch up (Relaunch). As well as some stories that I may or may not publish that my readers can influence (Soon To Come). I will also release my current favorite couple (which most of my fics will most likely center around) and list stories that I'm not planning on updating but could be convinced to by readers (Hold).

Haters are going to hate, you can't please everyone and some people are just so messed up that they have to hurt others too. Even though words can hurt and depress you, you can't let them win, write because you love your topic, write because it's stuck in your head, write because you love it, then step back and, if you're brave enough, let others see. Don't let haters change your dream. Write for you.

Stories In Progress:

Moving On- Levi&Eren- AU. Eren leaves his hometown in order to try to start over after a bad run in. He gets really lucky, reconnecting quickly with a friend from his past, Reiner, but sometimes just because we move doesn't mean our past doesn't follow us. Eren meets new people and is surprised by the things he's willing to do. Heavy BDSM. ErenXLeviXErwinXArmin.

Life Beside You- Fluff I made for a friend, it follows Levi and Eren through moments of their lives. Starts with their meeting and goes to an unknown point.

Soon To Come:

Nudes- Levi&Eren- Eren and the gang are playing Dare or Drink, Eren's backed out of a few already and his head is getting airy. So when Jean dares him to send a naked picture to a random number he doesn't think twice. Click. Send. Done. But the response starts a new game that Eren wasn't expecting.

The Underground- Levi&Eren- Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are all kidnapped and brought away from the searching law enforcements. They are spirited into the underground where at only 13 they are forced into prostitution. Luckily for them, a man with questionable morals saves them and so begins their servitude to this gang member.

The East- Sansa&Tywin- Young Tywin Lannister is marching back from waging war on the East. He's confused by their unexpected betrayal and after suffering an embarrassing ambush and pulling his troops away seeks shelter at Winterfell, but the East hasn't ended their attack just yet.

Lady Sansa Stark- Jon&Sansa- Daenerys has won the iron throne and most would assume that the Starks' troubles have finally ended. Except that it seems Sansa has played her part too well, and now, she is to be executed for her loyalties to Joffrey. Jon has come to witness the execution and possibly prevent the death of what might be the only family he has left.

For Her Hand- Jon&Sansa- Ramsay and Roose have come to Winterfell leaving death and destruction in their wake. Ramsay demands the hand of Sansa, and surely Winterfell soon after. Eddard knows The North cannot fight a war against itself but he cannot simply give up his eldest daughter. He decides with the consent of Ramsay that a tournament will be held to decide who shall marry Sansa, the only problem is that the North's greatest swordsman has been recently banished from Winterfell.

Until She's Safe- Mike&Sam- A group of friends is trapped in the mountains with their crazy friend Josh and some man-eating monsters who are systematically hunting them down. The two friends end up being each other's strength as they fight to get out alive. But even when they aren't on the mountain anymore they're both plauged by the events, Mike is driven to insomnia, Sam is driven to...something a little different.


Tori Sees Bade- (Beck & Jade) (M)

This Is Me (Neal & Alex)


A Curse or A Blessing (Klaus & Caroline)

Death Journal (Hermione & Harry)

Getting Him (Sif & Loki)

Stand Divided (Peeta & Katniss)(Cato & Clove)

Favorite Couple

Levi & Eren (Attack On Titan)

I love taking requests although to be honest I have to know a little bit about the fandom and characters, I do like accurately portraying the people we all love so being familiar with the story is important for me. (Check out other fandoms I've written below for a better idea) PM me.

If there is a category that is listed with no stories done, it does mean that I would like to write a story for this couple in the future.


(X)= what I’ve written

(-)= what I have not written


Lucy & Neal: (X)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Draco & Jade: (-)(-)(-)(-)(X)

Alice In Wonderland:

Alice & Hatter: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Attack On Titan:

Levi & Eren: (X)(-)(-)(X)(X)

Avatar the Last Airbender:

Katara & Zuko: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Ozai & Ursa: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)


Natasha & Clint: (X)(X)(X)(X)(-)

Natasha & Tony: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Big Time Rush:

Kendall & Lucy: (-)(X)(-)(X)(X)

Game of Thrones:

Sansa & Jon: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

Sansa & Tywin: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

Grey’s Anatomy:

Meredith & Derek: (X)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Harry Potter:

Hermione & Harry: (X)(X)(-)(-)(X)

Hermione & Severus: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Hermione & Draco: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

Harry & Draco: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

Hermione & Viktor: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Severus & Lily: (-)(X)(X)(-)(-)

Draco & Pansy: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Draco & Daphne: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

House of Night:

Erik & Zoey: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Aphrodite & Erik: (X)(-)(-)(-)(-)

Hunger Games:

Cato & Katniss: (-)(-)(-)(X)(-)

Peeta & Katniss: (X)(X)(-)(-)(X)

Cato & Clove: (-)(X)(-)(-)(X)

The Mortal Instruments:

Jace & Alec: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Magnus & Alec: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

Jace & Isabella: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

Once Upon A Time:

Robin & Reinga: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Sif & Loki: (-)(X)(-)(-)(X)

Thor & Sif: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)


Renesmee & Jacob: (X)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Edward & Tanya: (X)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Jacob & Leah: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Sam & Leah: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Vampire Academy:

Rose & Dimitri: (X)(X)(X)(-)(X)

Vampire Diaries:

Klaus & Caroline: (-)(X)(X)(-)(X)

Damon & Elena: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Damon & Katherine: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)


Beck & Jade: (X)(X)(X)(X)(X)

Tori & Beck: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Avan & Elizabeth: (-)(-)(-)(-)(X)

White Collar:

Neal & Alex: (-)(-)(-)(-)(X)


Rogue & Wolverine: (-)(X)(-)(-)(X)

Rogue & Cyclopes: (X)(-)(-)(-)(X)

Wolverine & Rogue & Cyclopes: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Charles & Erik: (-)(X)(-)(-)(X)

Rogue & Pyro: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Erik & Raven: (-)(X)(-)(-)(-)

Until Dawn:

Mike & Sam: (-)(-)(-)(-)(-)

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