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61Propositions and Conniptions One-Shots » by Dexter1995 A series of Aleheather one-shots and mini-arcs relating to the past, present and future events of the "Propositions and Conniptions" fanfic series. Read more in the first chapter's opening note. I don't own anything. All rights go to Tom McGillis and Fresh TV.
Total Drama series, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 45, words: 140k+, favs: 6, follows: 7, updated: 2h published: 7/18/2021, [Alejandro, Heather]
205Clouded by the Dark Side (The Chosen Twins Book 3) » by Courtesy Trefflin The Clone Wars have begun, and Anakin and Aniya Skywalker are on the front lines, doing their duty to protect the Republic from outside threats. With their new Padawans in tow, the twins' lives will never be the same. Surrounded by war, bloodshed, and intrigue, the Force alone knows if they will emerge on the other side of the galactic conflict unscathed. NOT NORMAL ANAKIN TWIN FIC
Star Wars, T, English, Family & Adventure, chapters: 51, words: 203k+, favs: 54, follows: 55, updated: 8h published: 7/9/2021, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan K., Ahsoka T., OC
107 Izuku To Medusa Restart » by scouttroop Izuku Midoriya has died at the hands of the Sludge Villain before All Might can come to his rescue. Then after entering and being offered by a some Being from a Void he was reborn and reincarnated to live again, except that he has become a Beautiful Woman name Medusa. She can cope with this anyway even if he is a stranger to everyone she knew as Izuku. Paring Uncertain Ongoing now
Fate/stay night & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 34, words: 28k+, favs: 230, follows: 261, updated: 14h published: 4/6/2021, Medusa, Toshinori Y./All Might
601 Bleach: Ultimate Alien Remake » by Bigby the Big Bad Wolf It was a peaceful day in Bellwood and Ben is bored out of his mind, until a mysterious man arrives and sends him to another universe. Landing in the desert sands of Hueco Mundo, Ben meets the mysterious yet charismatic Aizen, who requests his help in a war in exchange for helping Ben get home. What's a hero to do?
Bleach & Ben 10, T, English, Supernatural & Sci-Fi, chapters: 22, words: 208k+, favs: 745, follows: 743, updated: 6/23 published: 6/6/2015, S. Aizen, T. Harribel, C. Stark, Ben T.
1k+Ambition of the Red Princess » by Qinlongfei Malty S Melromarc, the selfish and scheming first princess of Melromarc suddenly finds herself at a loss when her father summoned all four Legendary Heroes. Following father and the Church's plan to frame the Shield Hero is easy and comfortable, but will it fulfill her life long ambition to become the next queen?
Rising of the Shield Hero/盾の勇者の成り上がり, T, English, chapters: 80, words: 764k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 6/23 published: 4/13/2019, Naofumi I., Malty/Mein
175A Major Change: New Surgeon at the 4077 » by Parent12D AU. Takes place within the first three seasons, where this story starts during season 2. The summary is the same as A New Face at the 4077, but with the original main crew, different dynamics, the new major interacting with different characters, and a new tent is set up specifically for the major. How will things go for him? Rated T for occasional adult content.
M*A*S*H, T, English, Humor & Romance, chapters: 82, words: 1042k+, favs: 8, follows: 8, updated: 6/23 published: 8/8/2021, [Margaret H., OC]
716 Darkest Hero » by Bfghunter2 What happens when Izuku took Bakugo's advice and took a swan dive off the roof? As they say suicide is a sin so how does hell cope with a pure soul and how will the heroes cope with a innocent demon? Izuku/momo/charlie BNHA/Hazbin Hotel/Hellraiser
My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア & Hazbin Hotel, M, English, Supernatural & Romance, chapters: 44, words: 85k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 6/23 published: 10/30/2020, [Izuku M., Momo Y., Charlie]
88By My Side » by Courtesy Trefflin Ahsoka left the Order, and part of him went with her. After Anakin dies only weeks later, he thought it would be the end, but the Force isn't ready to let its son die. Instead, Anakin opens his eyes to see Christophsis at the beginning of the Clone Wars. The Force has given him another chance, and he alone can decide how to use it... Anakin time travel. No easy fix-it.
Star Wars, T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 14, words: 57k+, favs: 179, follows: 254, updated: 6/23 published: 5/27/2021, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan K., Captain Rex, Ahsoka T.
29Transformers Animated: Rewrite » by XLR8 The Fox This is a rewrite of Transformers Animated with added concepts of Cybertronian Colonies, minicons, Beast Wars and more with characters new and old, if your a fan of Transformers Animated, you just might love this version of it
Transformers/Beast Wars, T, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 5, words: 39k+, favs: 26, follows: 28, updated: 6/23 published: 9/14/2021
485 Ben 10: Dragon God of Life » by DragneelGiant96 Imagine if Azmuth was a Dragon. Imagine if he was one of the Dragon Gods; the Dragon God of Life. Sometime during the Great War he was sealed inside a Sacred Gear which enables whoever wields it with the power to transform into fearsome beasts of immense power. Powerful, original version of Ben Tennyson. OOC and AU. Rated M for swearing, violence and DxD nudity. [Ben x Harem]
Ben 10 & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 36, words: 492k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 6/22 published: 9/23/2016, Azmuth, Ben T., Rias G., H. Akeno
141My Next Life as a Villainous Princess » by York Lane After hitting her head at the age of 10 Malty Melromarc remembers her previous life as an otaku and soon realises she's in the world of Rising of the Shield Hero, so what will she do now? Inspired by My Next Life as a Villainess, not a crossover.
Rising of the Shield Hero/盾の勇者の成り上がり, M, English, Adventure, chapters: 9, words: 29k+, favs: 303, follows: 399, updated: 6/22 published: 9/25/2021, Naofumi I., Malty/Mein, Eclair S.
70 For the Dancing and the Dreaming » by Finmonster Spring has sprung on the island of Berk, and with it has come the promised marriage of Hiccup and Merida. But while all their loved ones gather to celebrate, the two of them must make the decision of what to do about the looming shadow on the horizon. Sequel to When the Cold Wind is a Callin' and The Legend of Gobber the Belch
How to Train Your Dragon & Brave, 2012, T, English, Romance, chapters: 6, words: 24k+, favs: 71, follows: 73, updated: 6/21 published: 12/27/2020
279Day and Night » by shanejayell Demona centric fic! In the aftermath of setbacks Demona regroups, but finds a new complication in her plans.
Gargoyles, T, English, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, chapters: 30, words: 44k+, favs: 152, follows: 195, updated: 6/21 published: 10/8/2007, Demona
84 Lord of the Rings: An Outlaw's Redemption » by Angry lil' elf After dying, Arthur is given a second chance at life and is sent to a world unknown to help better its future. But has Arthur really changed? Or will he fall back into his old habits of being a killer and a thief?
Lord of the Rings & Red Dead Redemption, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 9, words: 45k+, favs: 210, follows: 223, updated: 6/21 published: 1/14/2020, Aragorn, Arthur Morgan
25 Brotherhood of Glass: Episode Three » by TheInkredibleKaptainKaiju BAINE is needed now more than ever now that it seems Homeworld has renewed its interest in the tiny blue planet. However, things take a turn as they now have to deal with a threat from beyond the stars-and not Gems. BAINE has fought humans, Gems, corrupted monsters, but can they handle an alien invasion?
Steven Universe, K+, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 24, words: 77k+, favs: 7, follows: 4, updated: 6/21 published: 1/6/2021, Steven U., OC, Jasper, Peridot
762 Boku no Overlord » by PaulyThide Nazarick is transported to the world of heroes and villains. A world where superheroes are real, and villains as well. In all this, Suzuki Satoru, or as she is called. The supreme leader of the great guild of Ainz Ooal Gown, would have to do her very best to blend in this strange, but familiar world. Would she be a hero? Or a Villain? Or both?
My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア & Overlord/オーバーロード, M, English, Adventure, chapters: 34, words: 150k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 6/21 published: 7/20/2020, Izuku M., All For One, Albedo, OC
270 Zenith » by lazyfrogofjustice Amidst the ongoing war between Heroes and Villains at the dawn of the New Age; comes something far, far different. A fluke in the cosmos has judged the rights of Earth's worthiness with one small change that would rattle the world as they know it. With a new terror dawning in the horizon, would Earth's mightiest remain as Symbols of Peace? Or will the new shadow take over them all?
My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア & Overlord/オーバーロード, M, English, Adventure & Horror, chapters: 14, words: 232k+, favs: 427, follows: 523, updated: 6/21 published: 11/20/2020, Toshinori Y./All Might, 1-A Students, All For One, Ainz
163 Players in Remnant » by UndeadLord22 Two players, await for the server to end and return to their daily lives. But what if their daily lives of their routine has changed? Transported into a animated series, stuck in their game characters. There aint gonna be no bad thing gonna happen. (Rewrited) (OCs) [AU]
RWBY & Overlord/オーバーロード, T, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 19, words: 133k+, favs: 358, follows: 430, updated: 6/21 published: 5/31/2017, OC
28Monster Hunter Memoirs: Wolf and Red » by shanejayell Monster Hunters International too costly? Do you want a more personal touch? Or are you just dumb and will hire anybody? Wolf and Red: Monster Hunters are here for YOU!
Monster Hunter series, Larry Correia, M, English, Humor & Supernatural, chapters: 16, words: 24k+, favs: 9, follows: 9, updated: 6/21 published: 10/9/2018
24 Speaking Truths and Understanding Sparks » by Redbat132 Macy, Tommy, and Sage get whisked away from their world and into a different one where they meet some similar yet different Cybertronian faces. Can they find their way back home? Along with resolving a conflict that involves a reformed Decepticon? Co-Written by me and Steelcode.
Transformers/Beast Wars & Ben 10, T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 8, words: 20k+, favs: 11, follows: 7, updated: 6/20 published: 1/29/2021, Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Jetstorm, Jetfire
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