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I'm a Transformers nut, have been since they first appeared in various forms. I prefer the various comics character interpretations to the TV and movie ones. My fave character has always been Starscream with TC and Skywarp coming in a close second. I'm a big Gen 1 fan but did enjoy the way Screamer was characterized in Armada even tho i didn't like the way some other characters were portrayed. I wrote reams of fanfic in the 80's, now sadly lost to the dust of time and many moves around the UK from the remote parts to busy London, i am advertising manager for Kindred Spirit Magazine. I have an American Fiance in CT so i have a busy life! I guess the renewed interest in Transformers that came with the movie hype made me dig out my old comics and stuff and start getting actively involved again when i can find the time. Odd but since Armada there seems to be a small army of girl fans that find Screamer and other characters sexy and i've loved reading all of those fanfics. In the 80's i was considered crazy for harbouring such thoughts,lol!

Thanks to all you authors for sharing! you can twitter me as StarSwoop or find me on Facebook as Joey Lewis-Plimmer.


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