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Name: Amanda

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Catchphrase: Oh, snap!

Favorite Shows: T.U.F.F. Puppy, The Loud House, Gravity Falls, TMNT cartoons, The Penguins Of Madagascar, Full House, Family Matters, South Park, The Powerpuff Girls, old Nickelodeon shows, and the old Nintendo cartoons.

Favorite Music: The Beatles, Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys, The Everly Brothers, several songs from 50's, 60's, and 70's, Christmas songs, Disney songs, Nintendo music, and Big Time Rush.

Favorite Video Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, The Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong, The Penguins Of Madagascar (DS game), Pokémon Trozei! (DS game), Wii Music, Punch-Out!! (Wii version), Banjo-Kazooie, Sly Cooper, and Nicktoons MLB.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music, watching cartoons, recording video games and T.V. clips on video and audio cassettes.

Dislikes: Writer's block, insults (I get insulted a lot), being ordered around, when stuff isn't working, and my big mouth.

More About Me: From what I've been told, I'm a pretty good writer. I'd like to see what people besides my teachers from high school think of my work, which I put a lot of effort into! Plus, I might appear in my own stories, alongside existing characters and fancharacters. And none of my stories will be rated M! I can't, and don't write stories like that!

Favorite Quotes:

Dudley: If Kitty were here, I'd tell her that she means more to me than any yogurt-making flying suit! Episode: Iron Mutt

Snaptrap: I schmoodled Larry! Episode: Share-A-Lair

Agent Weaselman: You're about to be schmoodled! Episode: Share-A-Lair

Chief: Is it because I'm handsome? Episode: Forget Me Mutt

Snaptrap: If you think this smells, wait till I flush you into the river of goo! Episode: Forget Me Mutt

Larry: MY BONES!!! Episode: Doom & Gloom

Keswick: Dance, you little hoodlums! Episode: The Wrong Stuff

Birdbrain: (falling off building) CURSE YOU, OLD MOOSE!! Episode: Mom-A-Geddon

Dudley: (as Chief) Agents, I have intel! And I'm really loud! Episode: Forget Me Mutt

Snaptrap: Oh, super. Larry's passed out. When he comes to, everybody shun him! Episode: Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Kitty: Listen, we have a bad guy to catch, so I'll pretend to be a relaxed vacationer, while you investigate the other side of the ship. As far from me as possible! Episode: Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Dudley: Hi, I'm Dudley... (throws up) Episode: Puppy Love

Snaptrap: Call me Vermie, Peggy-poo! Episode: Snap Dad

Chief: (starting to cry while running to office) My life is a joke! Episode: Lucky Duck

Quacky: You can't eat more than two boxes and live! Episode: Lucky Duck

Dudley: (sniffs) Burned cat! Episode: Doom-mates

Peg: (weakly) Such a good boy. Episode: Purr-fect Partners

Dudley: Please tell me the Chief's not naked on my head. Episode: Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Keswick: It's Iron Mutt! (screams girlishly) Episode: Iron Mutt

Chief: Welcome to my freaky little world. Episode: Internal Affairs

Snaptrap: Are you saying revenge is mayonnaise? Episode: Forget Me Mutt

Kitty, Keswick, and Chief: (as Dudley) No, I'm Dudley! Episode: Forget Me Mutt

Peg: Seriously, he wrote on the wall. Episode: Snap Dad

Dudley: If that isn't the banana-rooster calling the kettle 'black'! Episode: Hot Dog

Chameleon: (sing-song) Involuntary skipping... (crying) Uncontrollable weeping... Episode: Internal Affairs

Kitty: (mock-worry) Oh no! My whiskers are still gone! Episode: Doom-mates

Snaptrap: Okay, now I see the red light! Episode: Operation: Happy Birthday

KIL-R: Dudley is awesome!! Episode: Dog's Best Friend

Larry: It's a kite! (screams) I looked into the sun! Episode: Iron Mutt

Everybody: WHAT?!?! Episode: Mom-A-Geddon

Dudley: I'M COMING, KITTY!!! Episode: Mall Rat

Snaptrap: (crying) I'm just a big, fat stupid-head! Episode: The Doomies

Larry: Last year, you were the only nominee, and you still lost! Episode: The Doomies

Dorothy Camel: All I can say is good luck, and you're all doomed! Episode: Chilly Dog

Snaptrap: YOUR BOAT!! IT'S YOUR BOAT!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!! Episode: Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Dudley: (high voice) It's Tiffany Rose Amber... Heather. (normal voice, whispering) I panicked, and I couldn't pick a name! Episode: Chilly Dog

Keswick: And you're back in the cup. Episode: The Doomies

Dudley: (imitating Snapbot) Hey, fellas. BEEP! Episode: Watch Dog

Chief: (while choking on bone) This trout donut had a bone in it! Episode: Law & Odor

Kitty: (seeing Snaptrap's floating head) WHOA! That's just not right! Episode: Dog Dish

Dudley: Will somebody please scratch my rash?! Episode: Dog Dish

Jack: You're eating 3-day-old sushi? Episode: The Wrong Stuff

Snaptrap: Dad Trap! Episode: Snap Dad

Chief: I swear on this stack of tiny romance novels! Episode: The Rat Pack

Dudley: (crying) I need my mommy! Episode: Frisky Business

Kitty: Nowhere & everywhere! Episode: Super Duper Crime Busters

Dudley: I said 'poop'! Episode: The Rat Pack

Sharing Moose: THE MAN WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!! Episode: Kid Stuff

Percival: I DIDN'T!! IT SEEMED WRONG!! Episode: Law & Odor

Kitty: (really mad) GET HIM!! Episode: Booby Trap

Dudley: (high-pitched voice) Hi, Jackie-poo! Episode: Freaky Spy-Day

Kitty: We have to shave! Episode: Hot Dog

Chief: I'm hot, too! (mirror cracks) Episode: Hot Dog

Snaptrap: (in MC Hammer outfit) Uh-oh! Can't touch this! Episode: The Rat Pack

Larry: Snaptrap stinks! Snaptrap stinks! Episode: Snappy Campers

Kitty: (sad) Not now, Keswick! We're too sad about what happened to Keswick! Episode: Toast Of T.U.F.F.

Billy Jenkins: (scared) Hello? Mr. Science? HELP!!! Episode: Toast Of T.U.F.F.

Snaptrap: Larry, go stand in the dirty bathroom! Episode: Mall Rat

Dudley: EW! I kissed him! Episode: Puppy Love

Keswick: THOUGHT THIS WAS THE LAUNDRY CHUTE!!! Episode: Thunder Dog

Dudley: BOOM! Episode: Thunder Dog

Kitty: No, I do not have any ketchup! Episode: Big Dog On Campus

Snaptrap: I don't even know what you're doing, but you're not doing it here anymore! Episode: Disobedience School

Caped Cod: Can't... breathe! Episode: The Dog Who Cried Fish

Ollie: Hey, everyone! Snaptrap quit! Dibs on his stuff! Episode: Snap Dad

Dudley: You say I don't know you. But the one thing I do know is that I wouldn't want to have anyone but you as a partner. Episode: Diary Of A Mad Cat

Snaptrap: Mints! SCORE!!! START THE CAR, LARRY!!! Episode: Top Dog

Kitty: (excitedly) This is the bestest day ever! Episode: Lucky Duck

Larry: Hi, handsome! Episode: Dog Tired

Snaptrap: We're not dancers; it's a look!! Episode: Dog Daze

Dudley: Everything about you is awesome! Episode: Diary Of A Mad Cat

Peg: And don't lie to your mother! Episode: Mom-A-Geddon

Birdbrain: I can fly! I CAN FLY!! I CAN'T FLYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (screams) Episode: Mom-A-Geddon

Snaptrap: FLASHBACK'S OVER, LARRY!!!!!! Episode: Snappy Campers

Dudley: It's like expired mayonnaise in an old diaper, in Weehawken, which is just a short bus ride FROM ATLANTIC CITY!!!! Episode: Law & Odor

Chief: AHHH!!! MY TINY SPLEEN!!! Episode: Super Duper Crime Busters

Larry: You're a big, stinky bully and I quit! Episode: Doom & Gloom

KIL-R: Hello, my name is Killer. Would you like a cupcake? Episode: Dog's Best Friend

Dudley: I'm just going to go home, get into bed, realize I didn't brush my teeth, get out of bed, brush my teeth, get back in bed, realize I forgot to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom, get back in bed, realize I forgot to flush, decide I don't care, then cry myself to sleep! Episode: Acting T.U.F.F.

Chief: Not Agent Moby! Episode: A Doomed Christmas

Snaptrap: (screams) Still no toppings! Episode: Iron Mutt

Dudley: (high voice) I'm Tiny Dudley! A little secret agent who lives in a thimble, and eats... MINI MINI WAFFLES!! Episode: Bored Of Education

Chief: You're marrying Agent Katswell! Episode: Dog Tired

Mr. Wong: YOU KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON, BIRDBATH!!! Episode: Monkey Business

Dudley: I'm Vanessa- no, wait! That's way off! Episode: T.U.F.F. Cookies

Chief: Keswick, wanna see my booger? Episode: Pup Daddy

Snaptrap: So you wanna sic T.U.F.F. on my mom... You think they'd do it? Episode: Dog's Best Friend

Dudley: I am the cheese king! Time to cut the cheese! Episode: Dog Tired

Simulated President: (referring to cookie) Gross! This tastes like it was shot out of a whale! Episode: Carbon Copies

OC Bios- "T.U.F.F. Puppy"

Claire: Claire is Keswick's new partner at T.U.F.F. (also his wife). She looks to be of Keswick's species (but she isn't), and she's just as tall as he is. She also wears glasses (that she made, and they are indestructible). Claire's chosen attire is a white lab coat over a hot pink blouse, blue jeans, and plain, black shoes. Her most prized possession is her mood ring, which she's had since her very first day of school, and she's usually seen wearing it. Claire also loves inventing stuff, and when she works with Keswick, they make pretty good inventions together. Also, Claire is very protective of Keswick, and she won't let anything bad happen to him. Ever. Claire also comes from a rich family, but they're not snobs.

Katrina Katswell: Katrina is Kitty's identical twin sister, meaning that she and Kitty look exactly the same, but Katrina wears a blue teardrop collar, a pastel purple spysuit with a pastel pink turtleneck, gloves, and boots (showing how feminine she is), and she also wears her hair in a ponytail so you can easily tell her apart from Kitty. They also have different personalities. Also, Katrina is the younger twin, as Kitty was born first. Katrina also knows how to loosen up and have fun, but she also knows how to fight! When Kitty and Katrina left home, they decided to continue living together until they get married. At T.U.F.F., the girls work together as partners, but they don't mind Dudley's company (because Katrina hated Jack to no end, and she thinks Dudley is the perfect guy for her sister). Kitty and Katrina get along pretty well, although there are times where they fight, but they love each other, like most sisters do.

Bruce Puppy: Bruce is Dudley's older brother by 3 years. He looks like Dudley, except he's stronger and slightly taller than Dudley. He also wears a crimson-red shirt and black pants (because he's more mature). Bruce also refers to Dudley as his "baby brother", which annoys Dudley sometimes. Bruce also likes hitting on ladies and flexing his muscles around them, but he stopped doing that when he met Katrina Katswell, whom he married. Bruce also becomes a T.U.F.F. agent, working with Dudley, Kitty, and Katrina.

Jerkbait: Jerkbait is Kitty's ex-boyfriend. Jerkbait's real name is actually 'Gaylord', but he received the nickname 'Jerkbait' when he acted like a jerk to his peers growing up. The nickname stuck, and so the only people who know Jerkbait's real name (until recently) are his parents. He's still a jerk, hated by the good guys, which makes him a bad guy, but even the villains can't stand him. Jerkbait likes women, but he's already driven away Kitty (by cheating on her with other women who didn't mind), Katrina (she saw him cheating on Kitty), and Claire (he was after her family's fortune). He eventually falls in love with Katty Katswell, who puts an end to his cheating, but not his jerk ways. Jerkbait has messy red-brown fur, and gray eyes, and he dresses like a slob.

George: George is Dudley and Kitty's first son. He is a puppy, the spittin' image of his father, and he also inherited his father's craziness and dancing abilities, except he wears pants and doesn't chew his butt. He usually wears a bright blue shirt and navy blue pants. George also inherited his mother's good instincts and smarts, along with her cat-like reflexes. Like his father, he loves to play fetch.

Molly: Molly is one of Dudley and Kitty's daughters. She is a kitten, and looks exactly like her mother did as a kitten, and she's smart, agile, and mature for her young age. She wears a bright pink dress with matching shoes. She also inherited her mother's cat instincts (which she gains control over when she's older) and cat-like reflexes, as well as her father's bravery and dancing abilities.

Summer: Summer is Dudley and Kitty's other daughter. She looks like Dudley when he thought he was Kitty, and she's part cat, 'cause she has cat ears and cat eyes, but she's really a puppy. She wears a purple dress with matching shoes. She's not a good dancer like her mom (although she won't admit it), and she acts more mature than her dad and brother. But like her dad and brother, she loves playing fetch. However, she's also sensitive, and a worrier, and when she worries, she has nightmares.

Lisa: Lisa is Keswick and Claire's daughter. She wears glasses (like her mommy and daddy), and is smart for her young age. She didn't inherit Keswick's stutter, but she inherited both his and Claire's intelligence. Lisa wears a light pink bow on her head, with a dress and shoes to match. She hopes to be an inventor like her parents when she grows up. Lisa's favorite pasttime is learning stuff, and she's doing a lot of that.

Tyler: Tyler is Keswick and Claire's son, and Lisa's twin brother. Like his sister and parents, Tyler wears glasses. He's also smart for his young age, and he inherited his parents' intelligence, but not his daddy's stutter. Tyler wears the exact same outfit as Keswick, only in his size. Like his sister, he enjoys learning stuff, and hopes to be an inventor when he grows up. Also, Tyler and his sister are fast friends with Dudley and Kitty's triplets.

Nate: Nathaniel (generally called "Nate") is Keswick and Claire's 3rd child, and their 2nd son. Like his siblings, he won't go through metamorphosis as he ages, and he doesn't stutter. Nate is also very smart for his age. He wears glasses, a green shirt, black shorts, and black shoes. Nate enjoys spending time with his siblings, as well as learning stuff.

Ariel: Ariel is Keswick and Claire's 2nd daughter and youngest child, who was named after Ariel from "The Little Mermaid". Just like her siblings, she will not go through metamorphosis, but she doesn't stutter unless she's nervous or upset. She wears glasses, and a cerulean dress with a bow and shoes to match. While Ariel is a very smart and sweet girl who loves her family and enjoys learning, her favorite hobbies are swimming and singing, like the mermaid she was named after.

Jafar: Jafar is the son of Dr. Rabies and Madame Catastrophe. He bears a striking resemblance to George. Jafar wears a ripped black shirt, ripped black pants, and he wears an eyepatch.

Ursula: Ursula is one of Dr. Rabies and Madame Catastrophe's two daughters. She bears a striking resemblance to Molly. She wears a black dress, black tights, and black dress shoes. She also wears her hair in a ponytail with a black velvet scrunchie. Like her brother, she wears an eyepatch.

Cruella: Cruella is Dr. Rabies and Madame Catastrophe's other daughter. She bears a striking resemblance to Summer. Cruella wears the exact same outfit as Ursula, but instead of wearing her hair in a ponytail, she wears a dark black satin headband in her hair (darker than her hair color). She also wears an eyepatch, like her siblings do.

Snappy: Snappy is Snaptrap's son (hence his name). Like his father, he's a rat, but he's not allergic to cheese. He wears glasses, an orange shirt and blue jeans. Snappy pretty much looks like Snaptrap did when he was a child, only without the braces. Unlike Snaptrap, Snappy isn't evil; he's actually kind-hearted (so he doesn't throw Larry into the shark tank). Snappy is afraid of getting a step-mother, due to the wicked step-mothers in fairy tales, and his grandmother (whom he refers to as "the ol' hag", which Snaptrap finds hilarious).

Melody: Melody (generally called "Mel") is Ollie's daughter. Like her father, she's a possum. She wears a navy blue dress and speaks with a British accent. Melody is quite friendly and easy to get along with. However, she will get aggressive only when she needs to. She's really into music, partly because of her name, and because music is magical (it really is!). She's well-mannered, thoughtful, and loves singing, as well as playing instruments.

Stella: Stella is Francisco's daughter. She's a crocodile, like her father. She wears a cyan shirt and black jeans. Unlike her father, she does not have the Chicago accent. She and Melody get along well, kinda like sisters. Her mind is usually set on food (crocodile instincts).

Murray: Murray is Larry's son. He's a shrew, like his father. He wears the same outfit Larry wore when he was 'Murray' (hence Murray's name) in "Doom & Gloom". Snappy and Murray, unlike Snaptrap and Larry, get along very well. As a result, Snappy does not throw Murray into the shark tank. Also, like Snappy, Murray is afraid of his grandmother (whom he also refers to as "the ol' hag").

Lizzie: Lizzie is the Chameleon's daughter, so that makes her a chameleon. She's her father's daughter in a lot of ways (being a chameleon and all), and she's also a little shy, but very sweet. Her chosen attire is a baby blue dress with matching shoes. She was the one to put an end to her dad's loneliness.

Adam: Adam is Bruce and Katrina's son. He's a puppy, like his father. His fur is very light tan, and he has green eyes, like his mother. And his ears are black, like his father's. Adam knows how to have fun, like his mother, and he inherited his dad's strength. He's already pretty strong, but he doesn't hit on girls like his dad used to.

Damien: Damien is the son of Jerkbait and Katty, who did not reform upon having him. Because of his name, and the fact that his parents are evil, one might expect him to turn out as bad as they have, but he belies his name. You see, if two negatives can make a positive, it's possible that two villains can have a child who wants to be good. That, and the fact that his parents are in jail more often than not, leaving their son to be raised by his grandparents, aunts, and uncles, all of whom are good. Damien looks a lot nicer than his father, and he inherited his mother's eyes. He also wears a dark blue shirt, jean shorts, and black shoes.

OC Bios- "Rocko's Modern Life"

Kate: Kate is a female wallaby who's lived in O-Town all her life. (She looks like the girl Rocko liked in "I See London, I See France".) Kate's chosen attire is a cyan dress with matching shoes. She works at a dress shop in town. In her free time, she enjoys watching cartoons and listening to music. Also, having been in many bad relationships, Kate gave up on romance... until she met Rocko.

Rachel: Rachel is Kate's best friend, who works with her at the dress shop. Rachel is a sheltie who wears a magenta dress with matching shoes. She and Kate have been best friends since middle school, and they're very close. When it came to relationships, Rachel didn't want to look for love until she saw Kate find 'Mr. Right', the one with whom she would live happily ever after. Rachel became friends with Rocko and his pals shortly after learning about Rocko, who turned out to be Kate's true love. Rachel is a friendly gal who cares for Kate, and was downright thrilled when Kate finally found true love. She's also the godmother of Rocko and Kate's son, Dillon.

Dillon: Dillon is Rocko and Kate's son, and he looks like Rocko. Dillon also wears the same outfit Rocko wears, only in his size. Like his mother, he enjoys watching cartoons and listening to music, and he also inherited his dad's politeness.

OC Bios- "Donkey Kong"

Evelyn Kong: Evelyn is a gorilla with light yellow-brown fur, black hair, and gray eyes. She also dresses like a Plain Jane. She was Donkey Kong's first (currently ex) girlfriend, before he met Candy. They started out as friends, and after 5 months of friendship, DK asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted, and that's when everything went downhill. Evelyn instantly became rude and overbearing, ordering DK around all the time. They broke up when she was invited to Diddy's 3rd birthday and gave him a juice box of Yoo-Hoo as a present. After the break-up, DK refused to speak Evelyn's name, but Evelyn came back into his life when his current girlfriend, Candy, met and became friends with her. But only time will tell how long the friendship will last.

Suzanne Kong: Suzanne is a baboon with medium-brown fur, light brown hair, a slim body, and a somewhat pretty face. She also dresses very stylishly. She became friends with Dixie Kong upon discovering that they shared a major interest. But during the 2 years they'd been friends, their friendship went wrong, and they argued more often than not, Suzanne being the cause of the arguments. Dixie wanted to save the friendship, but despite everything she tried, the madness didn't stop, so their friendship was over.

OC Bio- "Jimmy Neutron"

Ashley Neutron: Ashley is Jimmy Neutron's 5-year-old little sister. She has light blue eyes, and long brown hair which is usually held back by a pink headband. She wears a pretty pink button-front, short-sleeved, knee-length dress with a frilly white collar and pink shoes. Ashley is smart for her young age, thanks to spending so much time with her older brother, Jimmy, but unlike Jimmy, she has common sense. While Ashley thinks highly of her big brother, she does get frustrated with him for being too stubborn to admit that he really likes Cindy Vortex (Ashley thinks of Cindy as an older sister). She hopes to see Jimmy and Cindy fall in love someday.

OC Bio- "The Fairly OddParents"

Joy Turner: Joy is Timmy Turner's 5-year-old little sister. She has short brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her chosen attire is a yellow dress, with a bow and shoes to match. Joy loves her big brother, and she also has Cosmo and Wanda as fairy godparents. She's also certain that Timmy will end up with Tootie (Joy and Tootie are best friends, and Joy wants her brother to end up with a girl who truly loves him). Unlike Timmy, Joy thinks before wishing, for she doesn't want to wish for something that will go wrong.


You've probably noticed that most of my songfics are gone. The site forced me to remove them (except for the songs I wrote to the tunes of). :( But most of my stories are still up here. I just can't post (certain) songfics up here anymore.

I also have an account on deviantART. I am also known as Peachy-Author on that site.

Also, on deviantART, I have revised most of the stories I've written, and I'm going to re-post the revised versions here, too.

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