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This is Higura Natume's super long profile, filled with tons of information on her. (and still growing!)

I advise that you read the headers in bold and underline (sometimes just in bold because the stupid thing won't work) and see if you're interested and go until the very end because other than survey's there aren't any copy and paste things. (I find them boring, space wasting, and annoying.)

And about my quote, if you make both of your hands into a 'L' and put them together, they make a 'W' (try it!)

Current Updates:


Sorry fans, but quite a few of my stories will be deleted. I hate doing so, but I hadn't really thought of an ending for most of my stories, so they're going nowhere. And like the "Stop and Listen" I want to write stories that have a clear beginning and end.

Not accepting random pm's, challenges, and requests.

I will not promise that all this info is true. I may have faked some parts. (That's right stalkers! So don't use this info to stalk me cuz it'll lead you no where!)

Right now I'm obsessed with Avatar and Vampire Knight, so expect some of those. (and possibly Harry Potter)


Shinobi High Year 3: Hiatus. The story has gotten so stupid, I don't know what to type.

Sarutobi High: My sister gave up, so I give up

TLQTBL: Will keep going with this one because this is anger management toward Naruto

Found Me: Probably will be deleted. Can't figure out how to end it.

Welcome Home Honey!: I actually like this story, so I will update!

Your One and Only Star: Hiatus. Probably won't continue.


I don't own anything from Naruto, Furuba, Bleach, or Harry Potter. I only own my plot and OC's.


I, Higura Natume has sworn to add all Naruhina, Sasusaku, Nejiten, and Shikatema authors into her author favorites as soon as she finds them and all the stories into her C2 to help other authors/readers having trouble finding the authors or stories. (Because of something called SHIKAINO)

Writing Goal:

Over a 100 people favoriting or alerting me (not combined). Not yet achieved.

Over 300 reviews for one of my stories. Not yet achieved.

Over 30,000 hits on any story. Not yet achieved.

At least 15 of my stories in a C2. Achieved!

Over 5,000 profile hits. Achieved!

Give 500 or more signed reviews. Not yet achieved.

The Deadline: Dec. 31, 2009 (Giving myself another year...)

Basic Profile:

Name: Higura Natume (悲倉 夏芽) My first name is Natume. Translation= 'Sadness' Storehouse' 'Summer' 'Sprout'. (No it isn't my real name and yes it is a little depressing.)

Personality: Relatively calm, sarcastic, clumsy, mellow, a little anti-social, little independent, imaginative, gullible, emotionally-unstable

Gender: Female

Ethnics: 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Other European

Age: 13.

Birthday: August 31st

Horoscope: Virgo

Bloodtype: O

Zodiac: Boar (Pigs rule and I love to eat!)

Religion: I'm a catholic but I'm not serious about it.

Status at School: Outcast, nerd, low status basically (not that I mind)

Height: 5' 6" (I'm pretty tall)

Weight: 120 pounds or 54kg (I'm what my Dad calls, dense, and I mean physically)

Clothes: I like Macy's 'This Is It' (or something like that), abercrombie, aeropstatle, tokidoki, etc.

Languages: English, Japanese, and I'm learning French

IQ: I honestly have no idea (200 like Shika!)

Sport: Swimming

Season: Summer

Interests: Drawing, Reading, Writing, Eating, Swimming

Dislikes: The usual stuff (Homework, vegetables, bugs, etc.)

Food: Candy, Carbs, and PIZZA!!

Least Favorite Food: Negi or Green Onion (guess what? when you say Negi instead of Neji you called him a green onion!)

Drink: Coca Cola and other sodas

Saying: Tobi is a good boy!

Animal: Turtles, Frogs, and Pigs!

Element: Water and Wind

Favorite Words: That's what YOU think.

Games: I hate video games. They are insanely boring and I suck at them anyway. But Guitar Hero's okay, even if I still suck at it.

Future Dream: Biologist, Manga Artist, or Writer

Favorite Quotes:

Schwing! (Dana Carvey, Wayne's World)

Oh, Behave! (Mike Myers, Austin Powers)

Oz, friends do not engage in sexual congress with each other's wives. (Bruce Willis, Whole 9 Yards)

Can we make out now? (Michael Cera, Juno)

What's the capital of Thailand? Bangok. Exactly! punches Pitka in the knuts (Mike Myers, Love Guru)

Best non-porn magazine to mastur to? Good House Keeping! (Will Ferrel and John C. Reily, Step Brothers)

Death can not stop love, but only delay it for a while. (Princess Bride.)

Fanfiction: Because Fanfiction is cheaper than Therapy

My Reason for coming here:

1. I always have a lot of ideas for stories so I let them go here.

2. I want to be a manga artist someday and for that you need to be able to write stories.

3. I wouldn't mind being an author

4. Just for fun!

Writing Style:

Specialities: Naruto and Bleach fanfics in general and romance/humour

Lemons/Limes: No/No. But some refrences to sexual stuff in the form of humor (Can't help it.)

OC's: Occasionally but mostly no.

Yaoi/Yuri: Yes (No yuri yet but maybe someday), but im mostly het

Oneshots: Probably a few

Stories in Progress: ? since some are in hiatus

Flames: Accepted but don't just put "OMG, that SUCKED" alright? That's no better than the "Update soon!" reviews I get all the time. If you're going to flame, make it useful by telling me how I can improve. (courtesy to anonymous on "The Wind and The Cloud")

Upcoming Stories:

I plan to work on:

1. An "Avatar: The Last Airbender" story about Zuko and Mai's love. (favorite couple!)

2. Vampire Knight story on Shiki and Rima

3. Vampire Knight story on Kaien and Ruka

My Fave Artists:

1. Sum 41

2. Three Days Grace

3. Papa Roach

4. Simple Plan

5. Avenue Q


Infinity. Cascada

Favorite Manga/Anime:

Naruto (Manga and Anime)

Fruits Basket (Manga)

Anything CLAMP, Especially: Chobits, CCS, Tsubasa, XXXHolic, Magic Knights Rayearth

Shugo Chara (Manga)

Vampire Knights (Manga)

Ouran High School Host Club (Manga)

Bleach (Manga and Anime)

Hot Gimmick (Manga)

Favorite Movies:


Whole 9 Yards

You don't mess with the Zohan

Love Guru

Step Brothers

Soon Twilight will be here! XD

Favorite Books:

Twilight Series (Stephenie Meyer)

My Sister's Keeper (Jodi Picoult)

Bar Code Tattoo 1 & 2 (Suzanne Weyn?)

Many others.

Favorite TV Shows:


The Mentalist

CSI Las Vegas and New York


Colbert Report

Two and a half men

Family Guy

South Park

I know who should be with who in my mind. No Sasuten and Nejiten at the same time stuff. Exceptions: Ino can go with anyone, I like reading Kakasaku and Itasaku. Yaoi and Yuri is fine, but NO incest. (For Furuba I am satisified with all the couples that happened)

My Favorite Pairings in Naruto:

Nejiten-I am a Die-hard Nejiten fan! Did you ever notice how Team Gai is split into 2 groups? Gai and Lee, and Neji and Tenten? Neji and Tenten trust (a.k.a. Love) each other because of it!

Shikatema-I don't like Shikaino. Do you think it's a coincidence that Shikamaru and Temari always wind up together? I think Kishi is up to something.

Naruhina-Hinata was the first to see and respect Naruto's true self. Not Sakura! If Naruto can figure this out, then Hinata gets Naruto no question.

Sasusaku-If Sakura rejects Sasuke after that 'moment' before Sasuke left, then I will be truly dissapointed in Sakura. All Sasuke needs to do is come back and admit that he was a bastard

Zabuhaku-This is obvious as can be! This, people, is true love. The only reason people could possibly not like this couple is the fact that they're both guys.

Deitobi-No Sasodei! Deitobi is the true one! Tobi loves Deidara and I believe that if Deidara gives in, this couple will succeed. (Too bad Deidara died...) Sasori's cool but sorry, love Tobi more.

Saiino- I am aware of the fact that Sai thinks Ino is ugly but they're still cute. (Maybe he likes ugly? It could happen with his weird mind.)

Gaamatsu-Matsuri is obsessed with Gaara and I think they'd be cute together! And Gaara doesn't hate her for sure. (Difference with Sasuino.)

Sakotayu- I just recently learned about this couple and I LOVE it! They're so cute! (Kimitayu didn't do it for me, and plus, Kimimaro's MINE!)

Itakisa- this couple is fun to do! (Like in TLQTBL) Although, they ended up together cuz they're close and they have no one else.

Kakuhida- this would be a very funny couple! But they were paired for the same reason as Itakisa.

PeinxKonan- Possible and I kinda like them too. There must be SOMETHING between them and I want to believe that it's love.

Kakaanko- Since I don't know who Kakashi should be with, I stuck him with Anko. (And Rin's gone somewhere anyway.)

Asukure- This couple is pretty solid people! I mean, she's already preggo! So sad that Asuma died...

Kiminatu- Kimimaro and ME! Because he's cute and Neji was taken.

Others that I'm Okay with:

Kibaino-I don't like crack. This is the only exception. I just think that if they have a serious encounter, they'll be together before anybody else.

Chouino- They ARE close. If Shika's taken, maybe she'll go for him.

Kakasaku- Yes, I am aware of the age difference. But sometimes it seems cute anyways. (I only like them in lemons though...)

Itasaku- C'mon, this would be a good thing to rival sasusaku and would make an interesting story...

Leesaku- Sometimes it can be cute. But I know, it's far from happening and Lee deserves better than Sakura anyway.

ObiRin- Techincally, this might be Tobi Rin (I'm pretty sure it's not.) But this is one of the many 'could've been' couples that are interrupted by death.

HayaYuu- Aside from Asukure, the most solid couple. Yuugao is beautiful and they both have a dark aura around them. Plus they hecka love each other.

Favorite Pairings from Bleach:

HitsuMatsu- This couple is SO cute! I don't care about age or size or whatever else you have against them, that is not a concern of mine. Love IS love!

IchiRuki- Loved them from the beginning of the story. I mean, it's so obvious. I think Rukia would pick Ichigo over Renji to be honest.

ByakuHisa- We all want to believe in true love sometimes and I think this couple is a good example of that. And plus, death can only delay love for a while, not stop it. (Princess Bride!)

IshiOri- I dunno, a way to get Orihime out of the way of IchiRuki...? Plus I think Ishida's falling for her anyway. ;)

KyoNana- Oh come on, Kyoraku loves Nanao and I think she'll give in to her desires sooner or later. This couple is already been hinted a TON.

KenYachi- I know it's weird, but I still adore this couple to death. Again, size and age and whatever else you have to say, is no concern of mine.

UraYoru- Kisuke is awesome and so is Yoruichi! Plus I can picture them together so easily. And aren't they 'Beyond Naked' anyway?

UkiUno- It seemed reasonable so I gave in. :) Plus they both have that 'parent' feeling to them.

KiraHina- Momo needs somebody so here he is! Plus I like Kira and don't want him to die alone. This couple is hecka cute anyway!

ChadKari- I think it's kind of cute. Chad needs somebody! And I need to get HitsuKari out of the way somehow.

JinYu- Jinta obviously has a crush on her! And I think Yuzu can learn to love him too. (too oblivious at the moment.)

HisaSoi- Okay, before you shoot me, like Kibaino, they might work if they get a SERIOUS encounter. And the look good together!

Others that I'm okay with:

UlqOri- The only problem I have with this couple is that I think Ulquiorra deserves much better than Orihime. (I don't really like her.) So I'm hoping someone better shows up for him.

IshiNemu- Only because I love Nemu so much. I'm hoping that Nemu finds someone and other than Mayuri she isn't close to anyone else so here you go.

YoruSoi- This couple's okay. This is the first yuri couple that I don't find disgusting so I can accept it.

AizenHina- Call me crazy, but this couple at least LOOKS good. If he wasn't a jerk, this couple would be suppourted 100 but too bad.

Favorite Pairings from Vampire Knight

ShikixRima- Sweetest one ever, because it doesn't need to be physical to show.

KainxRuka- So sad. If Ruka could just get over Kaname!

KanamexYukixZero- As main characters of the story, I find them annoying so I don't care what happens to them. Although if I had to pick, it'd be Kaname. (there's an exception to everything!)

IchiruxShizuka- Another sad couple that could never work out.

Favorite Pairings from Shugo Chara!

Ikuamu- Tadase can go to hell for all I care, Amu needs Ikuto!

Nagirima- aside from the whole gender bender thing, I think they could be really good together.

KukaixUtau- Ah... the love/hate in the air! these have got to hit it off.

Other Pairings I like:

All the pairings in Furuba- Furuba's pairings all satisified me. (YukixMachi is a favorite!)

EdwardxBella- Total fave! I love Edward and I'm jealous of Bella! And I can't see Edward get hurt because Bella was a retard.

JasperxAlice- Even better than Edward and Bella. At least much purer, anyway.

Tamaharu- I love them together! It's so cute and so obvious!

RyoHatsu- Screw Shinogu, I love Ryoki and he needs to be happy! (Hot Gimmick)

HideChi- This is another great example of love that was meant to be. Absolutley love it and will never stop believing in it. (Chobits)

SyaoSaku-In both CCS and Tsubasa, this couple is awesome. They portect each other and while CCS is slower at the development, we knew it would happen.

Mondler- Chandler and Monica from FRIENDS. They are the sweetest couple, even if Monica can get annoying, and i LOVE chandler!

I always had this strange habit of liking the side characters. I don't know a single manga where the main character was my favorite. It was always a side character.

My thought on my Favorite characters from Naruto:

Tenten-She is awesome! I love her evened out personality!

Neji-He is cute! I absolutley love him! My first anime crush! and SO much better than Sasuke!

Haku-I absolutley adore him! I wish he didn't have to die...

Tobi-If you don't love him, you have no life! He's very cute

Kimimaro- My anime date, he's so SMEXY! Hands off Orochimaru!

Favorite Characters from Bleach:

Byakuya- I am in love with him. He's so awesome and so nice!

Kira- I frickin' love him!! He's beyond cute and heka nice. Kira forever!

Yoruichi- I love how she doesn't really care about a guy seeing her naked. That doesn't happen everyday afterall.

Kisuke- I'm in love with him too. He may need a shave but he's still awesome.

Matsumoto- She's a perfect match for Toshiro and she's hilarious.

Rukia- Loved her from the beginning. I love her drawings.

Ulquiorra- I didn't pair him up with Orihime because he deserves someone better. Love him!

Other Loved Characters:

Edward- He is the best! Who can resist a sparkling vampire who values you more than himself?

Ikuto- I love him! He looks so cool when playing the violin.

Amu- I love her when she doesn't have the shugo chara activated. When she has them activated she's a little over the top.

Haruhi- She's so cool! I love how she hates thunder though!

Shiki- His coolness yet care for Rima make him so lovable!

Chi- Her clueless personality is super appealing and I love how much she cares for Hideki.

Mai- Screw Katara, she knows how to handle guys like Zuko!

Chandler- He's caring, never cheats on Monica, and loves her despite all (and i mean ALL) her faults.

The 2 characters I hate:

Orochimaru-I hate him SO much! I don't get anyone who loves him. And the way he shows off his tougne on cover pages...gross! (and it's NOT because he's the bad guy i love the akatsuki)

Jacob Black- He's nice and all but still. He's immature and annoying. I wouldn't mind him all that much though if he took his god damn paws off Bella! I hope Edward kicks his ass soon.

Things that I think are crazy:

Sasunaru- Dude, they are Best Friends! I'm not saying this because I don't like yaoi. (Zabuhaku and Deitobi) It's not going to happen. I'm pretty sure they don't like eachother in THAT way.

Incest- Dude, I think that is REALLY wrong. I can take homosexuals, but incest is a step too far. It's just really sick to me. (sorry to all offended people and there are always exceptions!)

Sasuhina-First of all it's crack. Second they won't click. With people like Sasuke, you need to be strong enough to actually talk to them. (Like Sakura!)

Shikaino-I see them in a brother and sister relationship. Y'know the siblings that always fight? I don't see them liking each other though.

Gaasaku-Never considered it, and it's not possible. Gaara couldn't care less about Sakura.

Tenten isn't necessary-She is! She is the link between Neji and Lee and Gai. Without her, they would be really split up!

How so many stories is Tenten, Ino, Sakura, and Hinata- Where did Temari go people? She's older, but so is Tenten, she's from the Suna, then why do so many of those fics include Gaara?

The whole Sasuke is not emo thing- I'm sorry, but to me he is so emo. Being emo isn't that bad of a thing though. Don't deny it!

Hating Karin or Ino- They aren't THAT bad. C'mon, sure they're bitches but they are human. I actually think it's funny when karin and ino go after sasuke. (guilty pleasures)

Hitsuhina and GinMatsu- Okay, it's not crazy, but the whole 'Friends since you were little and fall in love and marry' idea gets old after a while. We need something different sometimes.

Hating Hitsumatsu and KenYachi- Size and age does NOT matter! Got it? You don't have to like the couple but don't use physical traits as an excuse. Love IS Love, there's no changing it.

Shinogu and Hatsumi- Now, unless Hatsumi had loved Shinogu secretly, I don't think this would've ever worked out. Transitioning from brother to lover is pretty big.

Zutara- Always thought it was crack, and I was right LOSERS! I don't even see what's so great about Katara other than her screentime, and Mai is so much better!

My Favorite Genres:

Romance- Especially when it's fluffy. X3 And when it has my favorite couples too.

Humour- I like funny akatsuki stuff the most

Drama- If it isn't over the top.

Angst- Only sometimes

OC Profiles:


Age: 16

Personality: Outgoing, friendly

Hobby: Playing guitar

Relationship: Friend with Shikamaru

Appears: In Shinobi High

Notes: Name pornounced like Iraq in japanese accent.


Age: 15

Personality: Strong-willed, kind, arrogant

Hobby: Going out

Relationship: Lee's girlfriend

Appears: In Shinobi High

Notes: Based off Originalatorian as best as I can.


Your heritage: American/Japanese
The shoes you wore today: Flip flops
Your weakness: Likes to keep to self
Your fears: Unhappiness of those I care about
One thing you'd like to achieve: Happiness of those I care about...or all the manga in the world stored in my own personal library

Your thoughts first waking up: "..."
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Their race
Your best physical feature: I have a well built body
Your bedtime: Perferrably late
Your greatest accomplishment: Becoming 7th in the nation for my 100 breaststroke
Your most missed memory: My old friends and world

Pepsi or coke: Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King but Jack in the Box is the BEST!
Single or group dates: Dunno...I think I might perfer single.
Adidas or Nike: Hmm... Nike
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Cappuccino or coffee: They're both gross
Bras or Panties: Hm...I perfer BOXERS...just kidding, no preference

Smoke: Nope.
Cuss: A lot
Take a shower everyday: Every day unless there is a reason
Have a crush(es): Not right now
Do you think you've been in love: A couple times
Want to go to college: Yes.
Like high school: Not in high school yet but it's probably nog going to be good.
Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: XDD No way in hell.
Believe in yourself: No...but I try to
Get motion sickness: NO!! Well...sometimes
Think you're attractive:Beauty is in the mind of the beholder, so I dunno
Think you're a health freak: if i swim, i don't need to be
Get along with your parents: Enough
Like thunderstorms: No
Play an instrument: Nope.

Drank alcohol: No.
Smoke(d): No.
Done a drug: No.
Have Sex: NO WAY!
Made Out: Never even had a first kiss...
Go to the mall: No.
Eaten sushi: No.
Been on stage: Lets try not to
Gone skating: Nuh-uh.
Made homemade cookies: No
Been in love: Yes
Dyed your hair: Yes
Stolen anything: No.

Flown on a plane: Yes =D
Missed school because it was raining: No
Told a guy/girl that you liked them: No
Cried during a Movie: Yes
Ever thought an animated character was hot: A couple times
Had an imaginary friend: I never had the feeling I needed someone around me so No
Been on stage: For some school stuff but I tend to avoid it
Cut your hair: A lot
Had crush on a teacher: pfft, like id ever.
Played a game that required removal of clothing: ok, i was dared to do something in truth or dare

Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Nooo.
Been caught "doing something": Nupe.
Been called a tease: No
Gotten beaten up: No. I don't make people (sister is exceptional) that angry
Been in a fight: Laughs uneasily
Shoplifted: Nooope.

Age you hope to be married: Yes...
Numbers and Names of Children: 2 Summer and Kyle
Descibe your Dream Wedding: Middle of summer at the beach
How do you want to die: in my sleep with hopefully no regrets
What do you want to be when you grow up: Artist, writer, biologist
What country would you most like to visit: Anywhere I haven't been

-O-P-P-O-S-I-T-E- SEX:
Best eye/hair color: brown or black
Short or long hair: I don't like long hair
Best height: perferrably taller than me
Best weight: can't be a big blob of fat, but I'll handle pudgy
Best first date location: something fun like an amusent park
Best first kiss location: as long as it doesn't have people all over the place, no preference

Number of girl/boyfriends you've had: 0
Number of kisses you've given: None
Number of drugs taken illegally: 0
Number of people I could trust with my life: Somday
Number of CDs that I own: Lost count long ago
Number of piercings: 2
Number of tattoos: 0
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 1!
Number of scars on my body: I think 2
Number of things in my past that I regret: You want me to count THAT?

Shampoo: If it works, i don't care
Fav Color: blue, green, and sometimes black
Day/Night: Midnight
Summer/Winter: Summer
Lace or Satin: Satin
Fave Cartoon Character: Tobi!
Fave Food: Italian food and candy
Fave Movies: Romantic Comedies
Fave sport: Swimming
Fave sports stars: Kousuke Kitajima (Swimmer)


Wearing: Shirt and shorts
Drinking: Gatorade
Thinking about: Fanfiction
Listening to: Ipod


Cried: No
Worn jeans: Yes
Met someone: Since it's summer break, no
Done laundry: Nope.
Drove a car: I wish
Talked on the phone: Nope.

Yourself: Someday...
Your friends: I try to
Santa Claus: No, but I pertend to so I get an extra present!
Tooth Fairy: No, but I pertend to get
Destiny/Fate: Sometimes
Angels: Sometimes.
Ghosts: Try not to
UFO's: Sorta
God: I sometimes question it but I try to

Do you ever wish you had another name: Sometimes
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: no
Do you like anyone: Yes
Which one of your friends acts the most like you" I dunno
Who have you known the longest of your friends??: Kara for 7 years (I move a lot so this is a mircale!)
Are you close to any family member: Not too close
Who do you hang around the most: Myself
When have you cried the most: When I feel alone and useless
What's the best feeling in the world: Feeling that someone actually cares about me
Worst Feeling: sadness, anger


1. Who is your favorite Naruto character(s)? Tenten, Neji, Haku, Tobi.

2. What is your favorite pairing(s)? Nejiten, Shikatema, Naruhina, Sasusaku, Kibaino, Gaamatsu, Deitobi, Zabuhaku

3. Are you a Naruto yaoi or hentai fan? Some Yaoi but NO hentai

4. Ever cosplayed Naruto characters? If so, who, where and how many times? No, never was interested

5. List your collection of Naruto junk and merchandise, if any: I just have the anime and japanese fanbooks. (small collection...) I get everything else from the internet.

6. Have you ever felt that you were destined to be with a Naruto character? If so, who? Neji! But I'll let Tenten have him

7. NaruHina or KibaHina? Naruhina all the way!

8. SasuSaku or SasuNaru? Sasusaku

9. Which team is your favorite? Team Gai

10. Do you support the obito theory? (Tobi=Obito) Not to sure but my sister does

11. Do you support the 'Yondaime is Naruto's father' theory? Yes (and it's already proven)

12. Your favorite Akatsuki member? Tobi! Who else?

13. Are you Pro-Sasuke or Anti-Sasuke? Pro-Sasuke I'm just kinda mad at him for leaving Sakura though... (My sister is a die-hard Pro-Sasuke)

14. Have you seen all Naruto episodes so far (including Shippuden and fillers)? I haven’t seen all of the shippuuden ones

15. Have you read all the chapters so far? No, just here and there

16. Do you believe Naruto has ADD? Could be possible

17. Sub or dub? Sub! For dub, as soon as I heard Naruto say 'Believe it!' on Cartoon Network, I turned off the TV and swore to never watch that again.

18. Pro-Sakura or Anti-Sakura? I'm in the middle. She definently could use some shaping up but she's not THAT bad either. (My sister is also a die-hard Pro-Sakura)

19. Tobi = Annoying or funny? Funny of course! He's not annoying!

20. Do you even know who Tobi is? Yes! People who don't are sad...

21. Gai = Sexy beast or Ugly nerd? Ugly Nerd! Dream on Gai, you're no Sexy Beast

22. Which character would be the best crossdresser? Haku would be (I mean I still can't believe he's a guy)

23. Rock Lee = Weird or Awesome? Weird people are awesome so both

24. Which character would be best OOC? Who and how? Itachi when he gets obsessed with something stupid or becomes a cocky womanizer

25. Do you like Naruto fanfics? YES!

26. Do you write Naruto fanfics? YEAH!

27. Do you like lemons? Not my favorite. I can read them though

28. Do your parents know about the Naruto characters? Not really. They couldn't care less...

29. Have you watched the Naruto Abridged Series? Maybe

30. Have you seen The Naruto Ultimate Fanflashes? Hell Yeah

31. Have you ever gotten someone else hooked on Naruto? Yeah (My Sister).

32. Have you ever been drawing Naruto in school and has someone recognized it? Yes

33. Have you ever been in class drawing Naruto and the teacher came up to you and said 'WTF is this?' Not yet! They don't really pay attention to me anyway ; )

34. Has Naruto affected your school life and grades? Life yes. Grades, I sure hope not

35. Are you broke thanks to Naruto? No, since I settle for everything from the internet

36. Do you want to read Icha Icha Paradise? I'm a little curious about the content

37. Do you support the 'Yondaime is the Akatsuki Leader' theory? Nah, not really. They don't resemble each other at all.

38. Do you draw Naruto fanart? If so, count how many there are in your gallery. I have drawn heaps of Naruto fanart but I haven’t really got a gallery for them

39. Is Sasuke still sexy in his second stage of the cursed seal? No (Come on people, no matter how much you love Sasuke, he doesn't look cute at level 2)

40. Do you have a Naruto OC? Yes but he's got a really small part. (Eraku, Namine)

41. Looking back at some of your answers, do you think Naruto has taken over your life? Kinda...

Number your 12 fave Naruto characters (In no order) and answer the questions!

1. Tenten

2. Neji

3. Tobi

4. Haku

5. Kimimaro

6. Temari

7. Shikamaru

8. Hinata

9. Suigetsu

10. Deidara

11. Naruto

12. Itachi

1) Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fanfic before?
Narutema? No, no crack. That's insane I tell you!

2)Do you think 4 is hot? How much?

Haku is not really hot, he's more cute.

3) What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant

Itachi getting Hinata preggo...that would be insane and would probably give Naruto another reason to kill Itachi.

4) Do you recall any fics about Nine?

Suigetsu? No, not yet.

5) Would Two and Six make a good couple?

Nejitema? No, just no. (Tenten would clobber Temari)

6) Five/Nine or Five/Ten?

Kidding me? Kimimaro is mine bitches! Suigetsu and Deidara can't have him.

7) What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?

Shikamaru walking in on Neji and Itachi having sex...he'd probably turn around and walk away.

8) Make up a summary of a Three/Ten fic.

That's easy. Deidara finally decides that Tobi needs to learn art once and for all.

9) Is there any such thing as a One/Eight fluff?

Yuri fluff? Tenhina fluff? Bet you there is, some writers have gone super crazy nowadays.

10) Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve Hurt/Comfort fic.

Shikamaru and Itachi are both sick of their lives and when they meet eachother, they decide to help each other get back together, when something unexcpected happens.

11) What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to de-flower One?

Dunno waht de-flowering means and Hakuten scares me so there!

12) Does anyone on your friends list read Three het?
Tobi het? I dunno, maybe.

13) Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven?
I'm pretty one of them has drawn the main character, Naruto.

14) Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five

No, well maybe Irene if she actually wrote fanfics... (Neji/Haku/Kimimaro?)

15) What might ten scream at a moment of great passion?

Art is a bomb!

16) If you wrote a song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?

Notice Me (it fits Naruhina!)

17) If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?

Warning: This story is insanely OOC and will probably be hella bad. (I mean it's a Ten/Tema/Ita fic)

18) What might be a good pick-up line for Ten use on two?

I'll free you from your cage by bombing the lock on your cage. (Dei neji if you couldn't guess.)


How many fanfictions do you have submitted? 24

Which one has the most reviews? Shinobi High Year 3!!

Least? The Reunion and Machi's Wedding (I think because my furuba isn't popular)

Which fanfiction has the most words? Shinobi High Year 3

Which fanfiction has the most chapters? Shinobi High Year 1

What category are the majority of your fanfictions in? Naruto

What do you like most in reviews: Quality or Quanity? I don't care as long as it's not a flame, but id like more than a 'Great!' or 'Update soon!'

Have any of your fanfictions made it into at least one C2? Yeah, quite a few have!

Are any of your fanfictions on at least one person's favorites list? Everyone has made it!

Are any of your fanfictions on at least one person's alert list? A couple haven't (Machi's Wedding, The reason I started to like you, The Reunion, Valentine's Day with the Akatsuki but they're one shots so no biggie)

What genre do you most frequently write in? Romance/humor

Do you leave comments before and after a chapter? Only after unless I really want to catch the reader's attention.

Do you update frequently? I try to update at least once a week.

Do you frequently use original characters? Only for really small roles or if i can't think of a single character from the manga to use.

Are any of your fanfictions based on things that happened to you in real life? maybe i dunno but there is a possibility

Pairings Survey

Six Pairings I Like:

1) Hitsugaya x Matsumoto (Bleach)
2) Urahara x Yoruichi (Bleach)
3) Kaname x Yuki (Vampire Knight)
4) Neji x Tenten (Naruto)
5) Shikamaru x Temari (Naruto)
6) Naruto x Hinata (Naruto)

Three Ships I've Abandoned:

7) Shikaino (Naruto)
8) Renji x Rukia (Bleach)
9) Aizen x Hinamori (Bleach)

Three Ships I've Never Liked:

10) Hitsugaya x Hinamori (Bleach)
11) Nejihina (Naruto)
12) Byakuya x Rukia (Bleach)

Two Ships that have Piqued my Interest:

13) Itachi x Sakura
14) Ukitake x Unohana

The questions:

#1. Why do you dislike #11 so much?

Because it's incest. That's just gross. Plus I fell in love with Nejiten.

#2. Who do you know that ships #13?

None of my friends for sure. (Die hard Sasusaku, most of them.)

#3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?

Your Love or your life

#4. What is your favorite moment for #1?

All the moments at the time. No favorites yet.

#5. How long have you been following couple #6?

Ever since I got into Naruto.

#6. What's the story with #8? What made you stop caring?

When Ichigo saved Rukia first. My Ichiruki love became stronger than ever!

#7. Which ship do you prefer--#2 or #4?
4, Nejiten

#8. You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 or #12.

10, because 10 is more of a threat than 12 if you ask me.

#9. What interests you about #14?

I don't know. They just seem kind of cute for each other and I haven't paired them up yet.

#10. When did you stop liking #7?

When I saw Temari and Shikamaru fight.

#11. Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the series?

Not really, it didn't bother me much actually.

#12. What's a song that reminds you of #5?

I have tons. Like Girl all the bad guys want and Her Eyes

#13. Which of these ships do you love the most right now?

Nejiten and HitsuMatsu

#14. Which do you dislike the most?

Hitsuhina and Nejihina

#15. If you could have any of these pairings double date, who would they be?

Hitsumatsu and Ichiruki

#16. Have #2 kissed yet? Elaborate if yes.

I don't think so, and if they have, then Tite hasn't told us about it yet.

#17. Did #4 have a happy ending? Do you think one is likely?

I sure hope they do.

#18. What would make you start shipping #14?

It'll probably just take some getting used to.

#19. If only one could happen, which would you prefer--#2 or #6?

I want to see #6 happen so badly at the end of the series.

#20. You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them?

Hinamori is bribed by Aizen and is almost killed, Matsumoto saves her, to her dissapointment. Later, Hinamori and Matsumoto are in big trouble and Hitsugaya thinks he can only save one. He goes for Matsumoto, and finds that he still has time and saves Hinamori as well. She is broken-hearted at his choice and gives up on him. On the other hand Matsumoto is shocked by his decision and they get closer. (I wouldn't kill Hinamori, just need to give her a reality check, that's all.) And later Kira makes his move on Momo! Yay! Happy Ending!


Yes, I'm a massive supporter of NEJITENTEN4LYF! So many people bash Tenten to bits in fanfiction and AMV'S, it hurts me. WE seriously need to change the rules! Past this on to your profile, we need to get 100 signatures so we can show some people that there are fans of NejiXTenten out there! Serenity Silence, Namida, TotalWeaponFan1010, animefancutie11, Sweet-Tooth15151515, EmBrAsIng-DaRkNeSS, Merciless Ruby, DemonicAngel08, animegirl1o1, Mysterious Smiles, Higura Natume

See you again if fate allows it. ;)

Higura Natume (悲倉 夏芽)

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