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Hey the name is Antimatter as in the matter-antimatter annihilation fusion engine.

Country: USA

Age: Does it really matter

Sex: No, thank you. Been there, done that.

Sexuality: Bi

I am into Deep space propellsion and I hope to go to space, ask me any space question and I probably know the answer.

I love Tim Burton moives and wish their was more fanfictions about them.

Fav pairing-

Betelgeuse/Lydia (beetlejuice)

Hannibal/Clarice (SOHL/Hannibal)

Vemon/Spiderman(spiderman for all the clueless people out there)

Batman/Scarecrow (Batman same as above)


Slade/Robin (Teen titans)

Red X/Robin

Slade/Red X/Robin

Light/L (Death Note)

Erik/Christine (POHO)

Gaara/Naruto (Naruto)

Minato/Naruto (don't ask)



Hermione/Anyone except Ron (Harry Potter)

Captain James Hook/Wendy, Don't ask (Peter Pan)

I am also a huge Marilyn Manson fan, ask me anything about him and I probably know about it already.

Now for my current stories.

Forsaken Angel - I am currently not working on this story only because i got no reviews from the last chapter, I did not abandon this story although. I am just putting it on the back burner because of my other more popular stories.

Possession- I am almost done with the second chapter, but i am afriad you will be dissapointed in it because it is not exactly as good in my opinion as the first chapter.

Carnage- I have not even started the third chapter, but I could write it in less then an hour it just me getting off my lazy ass.

Vixen- I am glad that people like this story, I was going to do something drastic but I am not so sure now and I don't know who to talk to about it without revealing the plot. I am currently writing the fifth chapter although i did not get more than two chapters so far

Please don't touch me- I am work'in on it that is all i got to say.

Future stories-

Rebirth/Untitled- Naruto story

pairing- Jiraiya/Naruto- Jiraiya has been having feeling for naruto for sometime but refuses to act upon them because of his age, well fighting although Jiraiya gets hit with an unknown jutsu and turns 25 again, realizing he can finally be with naruto, they become lovers but will they be able to be a happy family or will someone tear them apart.

Untitled-Harry Potter story

pairing- Hermione/Viktor- The dark lord was defeated during Hermione's sixth year but all is not well. After her friends stab her back and her father abuses her Hermione is living on the streets were Viktor finds her, but can he keep her safe from her persuers or even herself?

Cult rising- Hannibal story

Pairing- Hannibal/clarice- After Cheaspear Clarice can't get the good doctor out of her head and just as the FBI is sbout to drop her an old friend get her relocated to the cali FBI unit, well there not only does the doctor reappear in her live but also a sadist cult leader who will do anything to possess her.


Pairing- Fem-Naruto/You decide- After getting tortured behind her Father's back (yes, Minato is alive) Naruta become Blind, Anger at himself for letting this happen Minato guards his daughter and never let's her leave his sight, but Naruta's shining personality and bueaty draws unwanted attention and soon not even her Father can save her.

Hope you like my story's please email or Instant message me anytime you want, it's and my AIM is quasarradiation

ta for now

ja ne

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