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Hey, what's up. It's Ming. Wow, ffn has changed so much. How long has it been? Too long, haha. If you didn't know, I used to be apart of the wonderful GAFFN fandom. I also used to read Tales of Symphonia and Harvest Moon fanfics. I don't know when all of it stopped. I was a pretty well-known reviewer on here, I became really close friends with the most famous GAFFN authors... Sadly, most of us have drifted apart, with the exception of a few. I remember the days I could sign on MSN and immediately get pulled into a 13 person convo. Hahaha. Man, good times.

HOWEVER. I do in fact still read fanfics... just... only the ones I subscribed to in that past that are still being written, hahaha.

But yeah, you know, GAFFN went through a lot, I gotta give that. It's actually... kind of painful to even go back here anymore. All the memories... Yeah.

It's pretty awesome that people are still finding the only fic I ever wrote and still favoriting it, hahaha. Anyways, if you're interested in knowing me, go ahead and ask me for my tumblr! I'm on that thing everyday, LOL.

Anyways, being on FFN for 3 years was the best. I met such amazing people, made beautiful friendships, and had the most wonderful memories here. I'll never, ever regret being apart of GAFFN.

Goodbye. Maybe one day I'll come back to reading fanfiction. If you told me, what, four, five years ago, I wouldn't be on FFN anymore, I wouldn't believe you. In fact, I'd think you'd gone mad. I used to be so obsessed with this site... Anyways, thank you, FFN, for giving me some of the most amazing years of my life.

(Btw: The first fanfic I ever read was called The Promise by maaku-chan. It was never completed. I can't find it anymore. If you happen to stumble across my profile reading this very sentence, and you know what happened to her, do tell me! I'll always regret never listening to my gut feeling a couple years ago and checking to see if The Promise was updated. (At the time I didn't know you could subscribe to fics and she updated once every... six months, hahah. Thanks.)

FINAL UPDATE: Tuesday; December 13th, 2011; 10:45PM; Cali Time.

Azn Music Ftw!

Formerly known as mangaluver123 ; ToS-fanatic15

"We're TEENS living our YOUTH. OF COURSE we're immature."- Mingxi

(December 28, 2012) Wow, it's been over a year, and I think I'm back! Temporarily. I just got Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for Christmas, so I'll be keeping up with fanfics for that again... Anyways it's nice to be back. :) I'll try to submit reviews again, but I'll definitely be following stories at the very least.

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