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As is a shock to no one, this account is (and has been) innactive.

When I joined in 2007, I was only 10 years old. I was a young, inexperienced writer that had dreams of becoming an author one day, and wanted to use fanfiction as practice, and to show my love for different pieces of media. And I had a great time writing stories, guys. Yeah, my stories sucked, were just generally poorly written, but I loved every minute of it!

But, obviously, I’m not 10 anymore. While I still enjoy writing fics, the ones on this account just aren’t mine anymore. I’ve grown too much, both as a person and a writer, to even attempt to continue them. Maybe one day I’ll attempt some rewrites, when I’m not caught up with actual original content (10-year-old me would FLIP if they knew we would be published some day), but for now, this is it. The fics will stay up, because it’s always great to read my old stuff and cringe at my past attempts to please an audience (“Write for yourself and no one else” is some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten; thanks, Doctor Capettini, eventually I’ll internalize it!), but it is highly unlikely they’ll ever be updated again in their current form.

To everybody that encouraged my young idiot of a self, you have my eternal thanks. I never would have continued on and reached my success without you boosting my confidence and offering advice.

To everybody that thought it’d be fun to insult a 10-year-old, to tell them they’d never be a writer...joke’s on you, I guess? Thanks for being so awful at forming insults that none of them stuck, even to a sensitive kid going through some emotionally-abusive years.

Thanks for indulging me for 12 years, guys. Maybe I’ll write something for you all again someday.

Until then!



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