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ivory potter and the knights of immortal: total chapters 20 total chapters of voldetmort 5 his end will come early chapters 3-9 family time sex and bonding romance will start early before year 1 by soul bond with hermione and ginny and sex scenes will be at year 1 like the story the real us and unlike other idiots who wants until year 4 for romance not this one. the pairing is femslash ivorypotter/ginny/hermione james/lily and oh yes tom and his slaves fail to kill the bones. mckillions, mollys brothers, and mayny who died before 1981 and oh yea in 1975 peter the rat, snape, fudge and umibridge meets their end when ivory and the girls go back to 1970 charles potter and dorea potter will be deage and charles will be minister and end dumbledore plots

aphrodite daughter: goddess of thunder: unknown to dumbledore voldetmort theirs real immortals unlike tom riddle the fake james and lily told dumbledore go to hell they refuse to follow his plans and send him a warning to leave the long bottoms along. Both lily and james has a secert that will make tom a weak dark lord and destory any plans dumbledore has both james and lily are god and goddess their are immortal along with their daughter dark spells are useless against them or any type of spell dumbledore will try to control them wesleys goes under protection from gods along with long bottoms. pairings for rose potter will be female slash pair with hermione and ginny along with a few other girls other pairings james/lily remus/tonks sirius/AB no body will die like the book it will not followe= the book only the end of dumbledore his end will be early not in 6th year

the immortals and phoenix raising: based on eXtra power twin but unlike that story the potters will not allow dumbledore to control their lifes or force them to abonded one of their children just beacuse maybe they are a sqib and the story is based on time travel spell but unlike vagasman story this story will be finish and it will be better since lily and james will live dumbledore will fail to force the potters to send their children to hogwarts and since james father is minster and immortal and immune to potions and spells he will not be killed or control. yes raomce pairng and yes pairing before year 4 unlike others who wait until year 4 or later the soul bond will be before year one. crystel potter/ginny/hermione lily/james the bones the long bottoms mckinnions will not be kiled or worse the potters, long bottoms, wesleys, the prewitt brothers, moody, mckinnions and many others will not join the order so dumbledore have little or nothing left of the order charles potter allows deadly force to be allowed and all illegal laws taken down because of bribes or death eater support. super weak voldetmort godlikes super power potters and allies endgame army forces tom and less then 20 army

and unlike other idiots and stupid who velieve in that bullshit fake paradox crap not me it's fake like news and the future will change no matter of that bullshit fake paradox bullshit

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