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I was formerly thereisnoplacelikeyou-- I apologize for any confusion!

I started writing FanFiction as a teenager and quit when my fandom-- and the authors and readers within it-- got very toxic and hostile. I took time away from writing but I never stopped reading!

I first saw TSOM when I was five and have always considered it one of my favorite movies-- looking back, I had horrible crushes on Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. I rediscovered the film and the rest is history! I became hopelessly obsessed with not just TSOM, but all of Julie's works and Julie herself, and have constantly kept up with every Sound of Music fic for the last eight years. Now, I find myself a longtime lurker and a new writer.

I was a music major when I began university, though I ended up changing my path. I have a degree in Political Science and am currently studying to teach history.

My PMs are always open-- I would love nothing more than to be able to talk to people who understand my love for TSOM; my roommates really do try their best but it is not the same! Even in my short time here as an author, it has been so fun to meet like-minded people. (Of course, I am also game to talk about really anything. This pandemic has me terribly lonely).

"I am Not Yours", arr. Robert Childs: https://drive(dot)google(dot)com/file/d/1oGNlFpsB4xVWW5o5-9r_63-77m_mF-ye/view?usp=sharing

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