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Greeting's I am State T Wolf

I merely wanted to take this chance to say a few things, which I'm sure a lot of you are simply tired of hearing.

1) I do not own the works of Ranma 1/2, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

2) I do not own the works of Sailor Moon, they belong to Naoko Takeuchi.

3) Any characters used used in my stories that do not appear in any genre do belong to me.

4) The Change of Serenity is inspired by the works of Paru-chan.

5) The content posted Chapter #04 was inspired by the story New Life by Shaggy.

More Legalities will follow and those that feel the need to complain... please don't.

Well time has passed, and I have noticed here lately that a lot of the truly great stories by some truly talented authors that were once here are now gone. One Authors page has been completely wiped clean, I will truly miss the works of Author Sabikehchee. His telling of the Ranma/Sailor Moon Crossover story (A Cold Dish) was simply brilliant. Having featured a sexy, matured, blooded warrior version of Ranma who after being sent home from the Drow Home-world by the Spider-Queen Lolth, Ranma managed to lay down the law on not only her Fiancées but also her parents. Ranma later met the Sailor Senshi in civilian mode at the mall before seeing a man who turned out to be the very soul of Hotaru Tohmo that was being forced out of her body by Mistress 9. Ranma left back for the world of the Drow to take care of some business and returned with her very own garrison of drow soldiers, only to end up concocting a plan to overthrow the Senshi and rule the galaxy herself alongside Hotaru's soul.

However with the passing of the laughable joke that was ultimately an over glorified censorship due to talentless hacks, who couldn't even successfully put pen to paper, despite protests this and many other stories had found their heads on the chopping block. And while I await the day where those responsible will opt for the surgery to remove their heads from their sanctimonious rear-ends, I will continue on and in time finish what I have started writing.

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