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So. I'm a fan of manga/anime as well as fanfiction!

18 years old

Found commonly under the same name in these places:

My deviantart account - don't get fooled. I don't draw.

List of favourite manga/anime:

Ao no Exorcist/Ao no Futsumashi
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion/R2
D.N. Angel
D. Gray-Man

Death Note

Full Metal Alchemist

Shaman King

Skip Beat!
The One (this is a Taiwanese manhua)
Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Fanfics that I'll read:

1. Good plot. That means, no akuma attacking the exorcists and the exorcists' power increases in the span of 500 words. Or having the main characters fall in love and admit their love for each other by saying, "I love you." "I love you too!" And the couple kisses and lives happily ever after. Well, you get what I mean.
2. DGM. Uh. I'll read fanfics from other mangas occasionally, but I won't do it too often cause it destroys my impression of the manga. And it's too late to do anything for DGM already, though I've been rereading DGM so many times that it doesn't really matter to me anymore.
3. NO Mpreg and NO M-rated yaoi. No matter how good the plot is, if there's Mpreg, I'll drop the series immediately. 'Cause it left a bad impression on me after I read one. Oh, and M-rated yaoi is on my blacklist too, unless the summary really intrigues me, and I'll skip over those parts.

Erm. I can't really write to save my life. Not even a poem or anything. I mean. I can't write well. So I shall not write and leave all the writing to others to prevent wastage of space here(:

But if I have the time, I'll try and review all the stories/chapters that I read to make up for not writing.. :)

By the way, don't bother looking for stories I wrote or my favourites - I don't write any and there's too many favourited stories(: Unless you really are that bored.

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