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Me: I'm not writing a bio!

Rai: Oh yes you are!

Me: Not!

Rai: Are!

Me: N... Oh... Now this is embarassing... People are reading this... Right... Okay... Here goes nothing...

Name: Alex. That's all you're getting of my name (Full first name is Alexander).

I'm 23. Okay, if you SOMEHOW know me in the real world, you'd think I look older... But no, 23 is me... Though, I rock a good chin-beard

Interests in music: Nearly anything as long as it isn't Rap, Hip-Hop, RnB, dubstep, or for the most part, Techno.


Favourite authors: Brian Jacques (RIP), Clive Cussler, James Patterson, the Mangaka for my favourite anime series', J. K. Rowling, Graham Mc Neil, Nathan Long, William King, Ben Counter, C. S. Gotto, and the guys at White Dwarf.


Favourite Games: LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of RPG's, a few RTS', and a good few FPS'. Action/Adventure genre is awesome

Favourite Films: LOTS

Usual internet haunts: Shin Hyakuji High School ( http:///index/ ), HiHou RPG ( http:///HiHouRPG/index/ ), deviantArt ( / http:// (That space in between these is there for a reason BTW.)), Coloholics Anonymous ( http:// (As Wolf Fenrir Helix)), and here.

Drawing/Writing preferences: More hume and concept art for mobile suits and vehicles now... Got NINE years of on-line Roleplaying experience too. Yeah, I'm weird like that... I'm normal, but my characters swear a lot in my current story... Meh... I deal with it...

That dude up there is Wolf. Wolf Fenrir Helix, the human version of Rai... Only with a giant robot with a sword (amongst MANY other weapons) instead of a sword...

See you again here sometime...

RaidenSilversword/RAUSVII/Wolf Fenrir Helix

Edits: Added first name only, Removed the "First of all" part, and added Final Fantasy III to Fave games list.

Added an ungodly amount of stuff to the lists.

Space for character profiles for story characters

Shortened things to "LOTS"

Current Projects:

SWAT Kats fic (Permanent hiatus)

Naruto-Naruto Shippuden fic (In the brain)

Gundam SEED-SEED Destiny fic (In the brain)

Wolf's History in a fic (In the brain)

Armored Core: For Answer fic

RP characters-related story ficlet

Touhou-x-Girls Und Panzer crossover fic

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