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Hey! I'm Ree! I'm an avid reader, an inconsistent writer, and a reluctant over-achiever! It might not be a good thing to announce this to the world, but if you read my stories, you might as well know stuff about me. Here's a brief profile about me:

Name: Call me Ree.

Age: I'm in high school...you have 4 years to choose from...

Characteristics: Intelligent, athletic, hot-tempered, brutally honest, night owl, a hopeless romantic

Favorite books: It changes every few months since I read everything, but right now I'm crazy about the Twilight series. (I know, so predictable) It used to be all about Tamora Pierce.

Favorite dramas: 1 litre of tears, Hana Yori dango 1&2, Hana Kimi(Japan) (told you, I'm a hopeless romantic)

Favorite TV show: House M.D

Favorite manga: This also changes from time to time, but right now its Crimson Hero

Fanfiction I read (Descending order): Twilight, Cardcaptor Sakura, House MD, Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, Tamora Pierce, Harry Potter

Fanfiction I write: Cardcaptor Sakura, Tamora Pierce, and I'm hopefully going to work on a Twilight piece. But that's after I finish my Cardcaptor Sakura stories. (Gee, its been almost a year since I've updated them! Have to start writing!)

Ok, so you know a bit about me. You also must know that though I may take forever to update stories, I most definitely did not forget about them, and they are always on the fringe of my mind, yelling, WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE ME? Sometimes, i have a good excuse, such as I am a cross country and track person, and I do have a life. But sometimes, I am merely feeling lazy, and...well... I apologize for those times.

So upon reading my profile, I hope it has inspired you to either start or continue reading my series, and know that whatever writing pieces spout out of me during my rare updates, is something that comes from the heart and is deeply thought out (one word: perfectionist), so it is usually a good read.


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