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Name: Emma

Old Pen-Name: An-Autheress-Unknown

Name I use in most of my stories as me: Erora

Age: Fifteen

Ok, hello everyone! I don't know what I'm suposed to put in these things but I guess I will tell you alittle about myself. (Nothing personal.)

Why I write:

Ok, I have to say that there are many reason's people write but I my reason is because I love doing it. I have writen 8 stories with my own characters and thems, non of which are finnished. I really like to write long stories and poetry. I can't really say any more on the subject.\

My views on critisism:

Ok, I'm going to say this out in the open. I love critisism!! I think when people tell me I need to fix something, in a polite way, it is a good thing. I hate it though when someone leaves really rude remarks or says they just hate my or anyone elses story. People if you can't say it nicly don't say it at all! It is really depressing to read a comment that says you should just crawl in a hole and die, get my drift?

Pairings I like:

I have to say that I love any story where Hinata and Naruto are in love. I think they go so well together! I don't really approve of NaruotxSakura stories but I like some of them. I will say right know that I really don't like any story that has Naruto with a guy. Yuk! Also, NejixHinata...What are you thinking they are cousins for petes sake!! Really I can tolerate any other pairing, even Naruto older wimon as long as it's not too sexual.

Sexual intercorse:

Ok, I have to say that this is a subject that most people abuse. I hate when Naruto and Hinata, or anyone else for that matter, gets into it at the age or 12, 13, 14, 15, or even 16. They are too young. I think you should save it for marrage. It means so much more then. Well, on to less embaressing topics.


Ok, I am an artist along with a writer and if you need somewhere to put you art I suggest this site -


or this one -


Both are good sites and I am a member of both. Here's a link to my site -


Please read!

Ok people, I was asked to advertise a story by kyuubi16. It is a vary good story and I personally love it. Please give it a chance before your judge it. Here's a link to it.

Remember read it and see if you like it and please dont' forget to review to the author. Thanks!

My stories:

Ok, I have writers block people. I need your help. If you read my stories leave a comment and give me some suggestions, PLEASE!! I am trying to write but between writers block and getting grounded alot I have a hard time. Thanks for reading this.

Hello everyone I have great news on my stories. I have been writing like crazy and well I have a ton of new stories and chapters to put up! Well, I hope you like them!

New Update:

Hey, I've been buzy latly. I've had to get work done on my laptop and I lost my flash drive so I had to wait to get my laptop back, I just did. I am going to write as much as I can and i may just put in into an E-Mail that way I can type at school. Bottom line, I'll get a new chapter up as soon as I can. Just be pationt.

News in general:

Ok, I know some of you are probably pissed but I have not had any time to update because of band and other crap. High school is keeping me really busy. I will try to updat as soon as I can. Please don't give up on me!

January 11, 2009

Hey! It's been a while. I havn't had much time to do much. I'm sorry to those who have gotten used to my old pen name. I had to change it. Some of my friends at school had guessed. I don't want them to know about my writing or I will never hear the end of it. Please contiue to read my writings and from know on my pen-name will be Erora instead of An-Autheress-Unknown.

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