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Hi! I'm Chryssal and I'm excited about posting my fan stories for others to read and hopefully enjoy. My favorites for writing though, are Harry Potter and TMNT. Others may come along. I hope to do a good job and bring you stories with good writing and as few mistakes as possible.

I mostly do non-romance or slash stories with my Harry Potter stories with Harry- one of my favorite characters- as the submissive partner. For whatever reason, I also like having a sane Dark Lord who loves and cares about Harry. Same with Severus. And Albus Dumbledore- while he is a loved character- is not my favorite person in the series. I try not to do too much damage to him, but I don't try too hard. Another thing I love with Harry Potter stories that I write up is to have Harry as a feminine male character. That sometimes involves me putting him in a dress. I love it. Oh, with very possessive and protective partner(s).

My favorite character to write for TMNT is Mikey. I love putting him through as much hell as possible and sometimes having him get very hurt. Those stories will sometimes involve a good Shredder in them and Mikey joining the foot clan. It may even involve Mikey being stalked by a demon with Shredder being his only ally to help combat it. Though one story might have Mikey seeing things through a female past self. Those get pretty interesting. I truly believe- especially in the 2012 series- that Mikey's brothers are abusive and his family is neglectful to certain extents. I also know there is more to the precious sunbeam than jokes and positivity. I fully believe Mikey had a darker and more serious side that was kept hidden due to his brothers and their inability to encourage or accept him to be who he is without being jealous. So I love writing around with that plot set in mind.

For Penguins of Madagascar, my favorite character to write about is Private. He's my absolute favorite character for that show. And I love throwing his Uncle into the mix often as well. I like Private paired with any of his team mates, or all of them even. I won't be putting romance in my POM stories often, though I will probably have allusions to one of those pairings. Though probably not for 'Private's Predicament' as 4LunarAngel had no plans for romance in that story, and I intend to keep it that way unless it becomes a demand.

I will say, in all honesty, that I am not very good at keeping up a steady posting with chaptered stories. The chapters will be updated as I write them or when I have time. It will never be scheduled, since I can't abide by those very well it seems. I will usually do only one disclaimer for a story and that is usually in the first chapter of the story. Other things that I like writing for that could wind up on this site are:

My Little Pony- Pinkie Pie is my favorite character and Discord is awesome

Scooby-Doo- Shaggy and Scooby are my favorite characters for this series

Naruto- Naruto and Itachi are awesome and I also love Gaara: Naruto paired with either of them as a submissive partner is my fave pairings. Sometimes Sub Naruto with Kyuubi.

Yugioh- Yugi and Seto or Yugi with any of the three dark sides is a favorite pairing of mine. Sometimes Mobiumshipping is nice. I am not a fan of Tea though she can be okay once in a while

My Hero Academia- Deku! I love a good villain Deku story or a hurt Deku story. Those are always fun to write. Or Deku with an overprotective Villainous family

Looney Tunes- I love Bugs Bunny. I don't think any other looney tune is closer to my heart than him. I also love Daffy Duck, and their interactions are hilarious. If I do a Duck Dodgers story, it'll have Bugs involved in it some how. No, I don't always do romance in general, though there are some good Daffy/Bugs stories out there that I like.

There may be more categories to come in time, but for now, my first few stories will most likely be Penguins of Madagascar and TMNT, since they are my most comfortable writing categories.

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