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Sup if you come to my page you can request fanfics that you want and this is a friendly account I do these things for peoples entertainment I've never been liked by kids teachers or anyone really but I'll still try to make others happy it's the least I could do I know it's what the people I look up to would do and I'll do it to and if you want to request a fanfic mainly like ships,a character being a prodigy,or characters gaining new powers and I'll do it not like a one shot like a whole story that's higher then 10 chapters or at least I'll try I kinda get irritated when it's a one shot so I'll try to write a whole story about what you want

But I've only watched my hero,naruto,death note,still watching jujutsu Kaisen I've also watched seven deadly sins and one punch man and dragon ball z ill also do dc/marvel fics and I like to read make art

Disliked I have a lot

Dream...well that's for me to know

My name is well that's for me to know as well

  • I like anime I don't read the manga ALL THE TIME BUT I STILL DO READ SUM MANGA I also like reading dc comics and marvel comics favorite superheros in marvel is daredevil and for dc is either Batman or Martian man hunter I absolutely love reading random ships that their aren't many of like deku x momo or deku x nejire that's why I like writing so I can put out stories for others entertainment and happiness and so their is always a story for the ship,badass prodigy etc story your looking for I'll do all the ships that come of the top of my head or ones people request I might not be the best but I'll sure as hell try to be good at it and I encourage those who also write to explore new things and TO NEVER LEAVE A STORY UNFINISHED UNLESS 1.a reason 2.if you may be struggling with personally problems 3.or your just confused and wanna remake it BUT NEVER LEAVE THE STORY WITHOUT A GOOD REASON OR WARNING IF YOU DO THAT THEN WE WILL NEVER BE FRIENDS
  • But I'll tell you a couple naruto things I like

  • I ship naruto x temari and I enjoy other ships that aren't as popular like kurenai x naruto etc other then naruto x hinata I just don't like hinata and I feel like it's more of a weird relationship sorry I also like darker stories or naruto being a prodigy just not naruto becoming the guy who destroyed the world or has the power of a god but I also don't like him being weak theirs a fine line
  • I also like my hero academia I like random ships again I also like stories where deku/izuku is like todoroki and Bakugo where they are basically prodigy's i like izuku getting adopted by the todorokis or deku x whoever
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