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Summer is here, and with it comes a profile update. I've just finished my final year at uni, studying psychology and wondering how time goes by so quickly!

My former pen name was death1991, but with my discovery of star trek, I changed it to reflect my new obsession. Having dismissed sci-fi shows like Star trek and Stargate for years, I was shocked when I found myself enjoying a crossover fic, which lead to me watching most of the Stargate episodes (I love Jack) and then thought why not, and watched Star Trek (TOS), and found myself head over heels for both shows :)

So, for those wondering what's going on with my fics at the moment:

Anatidaephobia' is complete, nothing else to it, as is 'The alien job'. I'm currently hoping for a sequal plot for the alien job to appear in my mind, but a new unrelated leverage/transformers plot has come to mind and I've been adding to it when I have the time. As it's summer, I'll hopefully have more time and be able to finish it.

'The side job': it's a transformers/leverage crossover.The title may change. Shortly after the first movie, the allspark shard is stolen from a military base, leaving the autobots and the humans panicking. Summary: It had been a relatively simple job...she hadn't expected it to come back and hit her with a tranq dart. Who knew that the military would get upset over a piece of metal?

A series of unrelated oneshots in the 24/transformers fandom (not yet posted). Triggered by the trail of black jeeps that follow Jack through most seasons. These are mostly just ideas at the moment, I've yet to write anything solid.

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