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Hello! I'm a just here to read. I'm not one for writing.

So, I will provide great stories that I found.

The community I created has stories that are centered around Hinata (Naruto), Rukia (Bleach), Helga (Hey Arnold), Ingrid (Fillmore), Tris (Circle of Magic), Mandy (Grimms Adventure), Rogue (x Men), Toph (Avatar the last airbender), Jade (Victorious), Saber (Fate/Zero) and Raven (Teen Titans). With Miscellaneous stories of Itachi (Naruto), Vegeta x Bulma (DBZ), Dorothy x Roger (Big O)etc

A few reasons on why I like some of the above characters:

I think Hinata is a great character because she is a very relatable. She is looked down upon, and though she has a low self esteem she still strives to be better and kind to others. She has lots of hidden potential that many of the writers here use to the fullest. What I dislike about her character is that she loves Naruto for what I feel are the wrong reasons. He maybe the one to save her from being bullied, and her source of inspiration but I feel like it is mostly infatuation mix with admiration and not really love. I would love for her to find strength and self confidence for herself.

I really love Helga's character. She has so much potential in her even though she is only a fourth grader. Her poems and monologue in the show is always fun to watch. She really is a complex character, and has a good side to her. What I dislike about her character is that she is too attached/obsess to Arnold (but at least she knows it). Arnold is a limit to her potential even if he was the one to first inspired her.

I can really sympathized with Rogue. Her power is a difficult one especially when she cant control her powers and is isolated from touch. I really like her strength to endure it.

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