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I don't own this picture on my profile; I just found it on the internet and wanted to use it on my profile.

This is my OC which is being borrowed by ChaosGril607 in his or her story Buried Secrets.


Name: Gentil (French for gentle)

Alias (Secret Identity): Si Nyugen (first name means gentleman)

Age: 11

Power(s): with a single touch, he is about to know the past of every person he meets (power gained in his early years (age 3 to 7) from an experiment conducted by his grandfather; he was rescued by the League at age 7)

Other Talents: able to distinguish when someone is lying or telling the truth, a black belt in martial arts, uses a pair of shotels to disarm, acts like a polite gentleman to all people that he meets - which causes people to underestimate him

Weakness (es)/ Flaw (s): gets whelmed by his powers at times and avoids crowded areas

Place of Origin: Alger, Alergia

Place of Residence: Spiral, New York (a made-up city north of Gotham)

Physical Appearance: blue-gray eyes, black hair, olive skin, 4 feet 6 inches tall, and Si wears a black vest and dress pants and a light blue bow tie

Relationships with any other characters: Si is Artemis' cousin on her mother's side of the family (his mother is her aunt) and he has never met Cheshire or Sportsmaster (in nor out of costume). He taught Artemis French and is often babysat by her since he moved to the states at age 8.

I'm still alive as of January 2nd, 2018. Happy New Year!

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