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you want to know about me? well if you do then read my poetry. if you want me to sum up my life there's lyrics to a song that sum it up and it also says how i've felt for so long. here it is ^_^

"sometimes i wonder if i'll ever change
can i change
will i change
or am i always gonna be the same
i blame the world for making me such a freak
but the world wants to blame it on me
my life is twisted"
it's "Change" by Crazytown

and those of you who think you know me really have no idea.

those of you who are from my work and somehow found out about this place... erm... oh geez... not as happy as i seem to be eh? i really outta put some of my happy crap back up here...

YES ALL THIS POETRY IS DEPRESSING!!!! if you want to know why i took my happy crap down it's because it was all cheesy!!!!! if i find one that i don't think is cheesy i'll put it back up... maybe... lol...

The reason I don't depend on anybody is because when they are gone, what do you do then?

OHHHHHHHHHHHH THERE'S A HAPPY POEM ON HERE!!!!! turns out i didn't delete em all after all. lol.

1/23/03...my grandpa died this morning...

1/30/03~ why doesn't anything go right anymore. my mother doesn't understand. i'm starting to try and she doesn't understand. me starting to work on my homework at work is my way of trying and i don't think she understands. she's only thinking about what she wants and thinking about herself! no one understands me... nothing ever goes right...

UPDATE* 5-1-04. haven't been around for a while... well here's the updates
R.I.P. Ellen Cerra
January 28, 1987 - August 16, 2003

R.I.P. Cole Krueger
January 11, 1986 - September 26, 2003

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