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Joined Dec '20

Name: Shigeraki

Age: Unknown

I am a writer that likes to write High school DxD fanfics and Fate series Fanfics and maybe some My Hero Academia. I've recently started writing again and will be posting stuff when I can find the motivation to write down my ideas/thoughts.

Personal Status - Finding motivation / Expect infrequent updates

If you PM me I won't see it right away cause I'll most likely be on the app version which won't display PMs from the website, so I won't be able to respond to you until I get on my computer. So, be patient if you are waiting for a response.

Story statuses -

Knights of the Round Table DXD - chapter 3 - halted due to lack of motivation and direction in the story.

Freezing DMC - chapter 2 - halted due to lack of motivation to write. But I have a semi-clear vision of the result that I want for it.

(I'll add more to my profile later)

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