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What I have written is, to my knowledge, currently the longest ongoing Fablehaven fanfiction story. It's a non-stop adventure, and picks up shortly after where the fifth book leaves off. As the series began in 2010, the events of Dragonwatch are disregarded entirely. Although I've introduced a number of OCs, the focus is on Kendra and Seth throughout all of the stories, and is narrated in the third-person, just like in the books.

There are ten stories in this series. Due to an oversight, my profile does not quite list the stories in order. Exile of the Royal Disciple is Story 8, despite being at the top of the list.

The correct order of the stories goes:

1) The Wrath of Navarog

2) Siege on the Fairy Kingdom

3) Contradiction of the Malevolent Heart

4) Destiny of the Dark Destroyer

5) Heir to the Deity's Throne

6) Chaos in the Infernal Realm

7) Loyalty of the Ultimate Angel

8) Exile of the Royal Disciple

9) Utopia of the Usurper Unicorn

10) Queen of the Mythical World

Anyway, please give my stories a chance and let me know if you enjoyed them. Feedback is always appreciated.

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