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  • Username: Raging Smurf. Didn't make an account until near the end of 2020. I didn't see the reason to. But here's a rough bio of me.

  • I'm a dude and I like well written stories.

  • I started reading fanfiction in late 2016, a random YouTube comment mentioned it in a Mass Effect Citadel dlc video that I was watching for nostalgia. That was what started my journey into the wonders of fanfiction.

  • To this day, in my opinion, the Razor's Edge trilogy is the best Mass Effect fanfiction I've ever read. It has some of the best depictions of the characters, and it showed a realistic ending that I found preferable to what the makers of ME3 cooked up.

  • Next, I moved to Harry Potter ones. Honour thy blood, by TheBlack'sResurgence, was the first non-spoof and the second Harry Potter story I read, and is probably one of the best Harry Potter stories I've read. He's undoubtedly one of my favorite authors on the site. You know an author is good when you can nearly be brought to tears by the emotion elicited from reading the words he puts on page/screen. His time travel fic, Stepping Back, is the best time travel story I've ever read.

  • I read some other fics from different fandoms, (Mainly Star Wars), but Harry Potter and Mass Effect were my bread and butter for the longest time.

  • The next big fandom I started reading was Naruto stories. Yami, the Gamer Kage was the first ever Naruto fic I read. I knew the author was capable of writing good content, as I'd read his other GamerFics, and saw it as a good way to get reacquainted with a series I hadn't watched in years. (You couldn't imagine the amount of times I had to Google a name to remember who was who.)

  • I started my first story, Invictus, due to boredom. I wanted to see if I could potentially write something that would be halfway entertaining, which people seem to think is decent enough.

  • I have other plans for stories in the future, both Insert ones and normal ones of different fandoms. Naruto just happened to be the one I decided as the first. It was either going to be Naruto or Harry Potter, as the two respective fandoms have the most traffic here and I was looking for feedback on my writing quality over anything else. Currently, the next story I have planned out will be either a Harry Potter or Star Wars Insert. The Star Wars one would likely involve a sibling of Anakin's, (Either Twin or older sibling), and would be a more dark fic, with the insert being taken in by Sidious and trained to be a replacement for what Maul was supposed to be, a warrior trained to fight and wage war. The Harry Potter one is still bouncing around in my head who the Insert will be. I could have him transmigrate into Draco Malfoy, or I could make an OC previously unknown son of Sirius Black.

  • Now that I've laid out my dastardly plans to conquer this site, I'll get on to the tropes that I like and dislike in fanfiction. I'll start with Harry Potter.

  • Dislikes: Dumbledore bashing: It was entertaining the first couple stories I read, but it got old very damn fast. Making him into a borderline senile Herbert the Pervert type character almost kills my interest in Harry Potter fics that have it nowadays. The ones where he sees Harry as a potential Dark Lord candidate, in fics where he sees similarities in Harry's behavior in what he saw in a young Tom Riddle and Gellert Grindelwald, and thus prepares accordingly, is fine. But when you make him into a stooge villain, it cheapens the protagonist, (Harry). A hero is only as good as the villain, and when you make !BadDumbledore! and Voldemort into witless fools that get outwitted by teenagers like it's a Scooby-Doo cartoon, I can't find the story to be enjoyable.

  • Weasley bashing: Same as the Dumbledore one. It was amusing the first few times, but it got old fast. The fics that have it most often are also the ones that have a great deal of political intrigue or the !Lord Potter! trope, (Which I love the ones with Harry having a hereditary Wizengamot seat), Operating under any form of realism, the common form of Weasley bashing, which involves our bespectacled hero being dosed with love potions, loyalty elixirs, draught of lust, etc. by the Weasley females. (With Ron more often than not knowing about it and being complicit.), would result in them being ostracized, if not murdered by purebloods. In !Lord Potter! stories, most of them have the government and politics of Magical Britain structured in a similar fashion to Medieval Europe, with Lordships and landed titles, with some elected officials sprinkled in to balance things out. A great deal of Europe's wars were caused by wars of succession. (Where a monarch died with no appointed heir, causing conflict to arise on who would be king). Harry is, in most stories, heir apparent to two Noble and Ancient Houses. Potter and Black. Love potions would be the wizarding equivalent to a date rape drug. Could you imagine the amount of ridicule and outrage that would be shown if a bastard child born from rape demanded to basically inherit a Lordship that has been a part of your culture and customs for centuries? It would be usurpation through rape. Any stigmatism that the Blood Supremacists levied against "Blood traitor" families would be validated in mainstream British wizarding society if it was discovered that staunch supporters of Dumbledore and his championing of muggleborns were shown to be exploiting the last member of an Ancient wizarding bloodline to get their grubby, destitute, and poor paws on all the sweet gold and Wizengamot seat. TLDR: Some people don't think through the ramifications of certain tropes that would lead to world breaking consequences.

  • Hermione bashing: Depends on what type of bashing. I like her character, but there are realistic ways in which Harry never becomes her friend. She didn't have friends when she was younger, and had trouble making friends as she came across as rude and arrogant from not knowing how to sound polite when trying to be helpful. If someone was rude to her out of a sense of her being rude, she'd respond in kind, resulting in no chance of friendship. The type of bashing that gets stupid is the !BadDumbledore! sycophant version, along with her being totally useless without a book in hand. Too many times, whether it's authors who hate the characters or don't know how to write a compelling character that are competent but still bad. Or antagonistic characters, whether they are bit part ones like Malfoy with his "My father will hear of this" bitching or ones like Voldemort, the authors will lower the competence of the object of disdain, whether it be their own disdain, or the protagonists disdain.

  • These dislikes I have don't stop me from reading or even enjoying stories with them in there, but they do stop me from loving the story.

  • Likes: Charlus the Warrior: I don't know who came up with the trope initially, but whoever did, God bless you. Charlus Potter's depiction by TheBlack'sResurgence in Honour thy Blood and Stepping Back is my personal Headcanon for the character, as well as who Harry's grandparents are. I find it to be very enjoyable to have a Badass Potter that was a war hero and Voldemort saw as worthy of killing personally. The way Arcturus Black was written, along with the dynamic and friendship of the two, is something that is amazing. I salute the author and however thought get the ball rolling. You've given me arguably my favorite Harry Potter fanfic trope.

  • Pureblood culture/Daphne Greengrass : J.K. Rowling had a good chance to show that not all the purebloods were bad, especially Slytherin ones, but she didn't. The Harry/Daphne pairing is one of the more popular vessels to propel the potential plot routes one can go when they want to explore fanon Pureblood culture.

  • I'll add more stuff later. I wrote this out late at night.

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