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Yo. I'm Diametrik.

The fandoms I like are:

-Harry Potter

-My Hero Academia

-Avatar: The Last Airbender

-One Piece

-Percy Jackson

-Star Wars

-Youjo Senki

-High School DxD

-Game of Thrones/ASOIAF






-One Punch Man

-Classroom of the Elite


In roughly that order, probably with some that I've forgotten to include.

I come up with story premises quite often but never get around to actually writing them. I thought up the idea for Stealing Memories and started writing it out before I even realised it, so here's hoping it turns out to be good.

Here are a few fanfic premises I've come up with previously and might decide to write out in the future:

-Percy Jackson. The Goddess Selene had willingly given her domain of the moon to Artemis a long time ago. However, when she has a demigod child, he has powers of the moon. The demigod goes to Artemis for permission to use powers of her domain out of courtesy. Artemis sends the demigod on a quest to prove his worthiness. Whether I bash Artemis, take a positive stance on Artemis, or possibly even make her a love interest depends on my mood at the time.

-Harry Potter. A guy gets reincarnated into the world of Harry Potter. He notices it is the world of HP when he is young due to various clues (lots of owls, accidental magic, finding Privet Drive and Grimmauld Place on maps, etc.). He decides that he likes magic, but he doesn't like fighting wars against psychopathic, racist, wizard terrorists. So, he sends an anonymous letter to Dumbledore about all he knows from the future (e.g. horcrux locations, not to put on the Gaunt Ring, Peter Pettigrew, Barty Crouch Jr., etc.) and to please not try to find him because he wants nothing to do with the war. He then goes to Hogwarts and has a normal wizarding education (as normal as wizarding education can be) while there are hints of Dumbles fighting a secret war against Voldy in the background.

-Percy Jackson x Danmachi. The demigod son of Hephaestus, whose mother was a demigod daughter of Aphrodite. He has a good relationship with both deities. He wasn't involved with any of the major PJ plots. He gets his arm destroyed on a quest, and so sets out on another, more personal quest to gain experiences and resources to create a mechanical arm for himself. He ends up in England, looking for the Lady of the Lake or someone with similar metalworking skill. The fey decide to mess with him and send him to the world of Danmachi. He finds Hephaistos and is surprised she is a woman. He tells her what happened, and decides to join her familia.

-My Hero Academia. An octopus with a telepathy quirk. Becomes more intelligent by reading human minds. Can use telepathy offensively (I.e. transmitting loud screeching sound. Maybe when more advanced, can use genjutsu-like abilities)

-My Hero Academia x One Punch Man. Izuku is Genos. Hatsume Mei is Dr. Kuseno. He treats all pro heroes like Saitama.

-Harry Potter. In order to see thestrals, you need to go through a very specific set of circumstances. What if there were more magic creatures that were similar? For example, since thestrals are demonic horses that need you to have seen death in order to perceive them, what if heliopaths are the opposite? Fiery horses that need you to have seen someone being born before you can perceive them. And maybe wrackspurts, which mess with people's thoughts, are agents of Fate. In order to perceive them, you need to see a prophecy being told while using a spell that allows you to see the flow of magic. The only question is, what specific set of circumstances do you need to go through in order to perceive a crumple-horned snorkack? Alternate summary: the real reason why Luna Lovegood acts so crazy.

As you can see, my main go-to when coming up with premises is creating an OC character and inserting them into the plot. This is also the type of fanfiction I enjoy reading the most. However, this is probably also the easiest way to come up with a premise for a fanfiction, and therefore most fanfictions of this genre are not written very well. Hopefully, my stories aren't as terrible as some others I've read.

If you wanna take a shot at writing any of the fanfic premises I've listed, then go ahead - it's not like I'll be getting around to them any time soon. I've kept my few favourites to myself, anyway. If you do use one of the premises to write your own story, though, I'd appreciate a pm to tell me you've done so and a credit to me in an author's note or something.

If you like my story, hit me with a review! If you don't like my story, also hit me with a review! I'd like to hear any criticisms, whether it be minor grammar/spelling corrections, perceived plot holes, reasons why my story is boring/frustrating/bad, or just straight-up flames. I've got a thick skin when it comes to this stuff. I'm writing this story for my own enjoyment, so I won't just cater to all the whims of the audience, but I also want to write a good story so if people think there's something wrong with my story then I wanna hear it!

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