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I read a lot. I write a little.

I do try to put a little time and effort into making my writing good. If you have criticisms, do make an attempt to include some advice to make it better.

I won't be writing romance fics, so you can forget it. Sorry, I just don't have enough experience with it yet to really write anything good yet. It might show up a bit, maybe even be pivotal on a story, but I won't be centering the plot on it anytime soon. Sorry not sorry. Most if not all my stories will be written from the perspective of an OC, because I don't have the connection with established characters needed to accurately portray their thoughts.

Updates on my stories will not be regular, so sorry if I leave y'all on a cliffhanger for ages. I will be finishing any stories that I start, you can hold me to that. I don't plan on running multiple stories at a time, instead I'm going to keep any other ideas I have floating in my head until one that I have is done.

Semper Fidelis.

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