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*screams in latin*
Yoyoyo I'm Nyancatspacemeep
I'm kind of new at the moment so for now I'll just be reading and reviewing fanfics till I have the courage to write a crappy fanfic :)


You know what I hate? People who think we are immature and too old for Ninjago, you know what I say? I say we stay who we are and love what we love! Copy and paste this to your profile and add your name to this list if you agree with me: NinjagoZanelover, Special Agent Alanshee, Lucy Brick 152, NinjagoMasterOfTheForce, AwesomeDisneyWolfChild, Ponygirl009, ebony umbreon, LegoTerraWarrior, CrystalliaWriting, Zena 1421, boomletstudios, Steampunk Wilson, A Huge Fangirl, CaptainSteve1, Nyancatspacemeep

(copied and pastied from CaptainSteve1's profile)

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